How Body Mind and Soul Interact


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We are all part of a bigger world view beyond duality. Today we often talk about mindfulness and how we balance body, mind, and soul.

Yet we often lack true intelligence to connect this trinity of body, mind, and soul harmoniously.

Why is this the case?

Everything begins within the following paradoxes.

We speak of peace, yet we do not often find it within ourselves. We speak of abundance, but we do not feel complete. We speak of freedom, but we feel that others are controlling us.

When we learn to understand that the mind is the “higher mind,” the body is the “physical mind,” and the soul is the emotional realm, we realize how simple and yet complex the reality around us is.

The most important thing is that everything influences “All that is.”

Body Mind Soul Interact

Thoughts influence sensations.
Sensations influence thoughts.
Emotions influence thoughts.
Sensations influence emotions.
Emotions influence sensations.
Thoughts influence emotions.

Now we know that sensations, emotions, and thoughts influence each other.

What else influences how we feel, think and act?

Our entire world view with all its beliefs.

For a good reason, it is said.

“Faith moves mountains.”

Faith moves mountains is true, and at the same time, it is hard to establish a context to the faith that helps us in our lives.

For example, in a more figurative context, our diet affects our body sensation as much as the diet affects our thoughts and emotional state.

The thoughts and beliefs we trust also influence our bodies because we rarely eat food based on hunger. We eat food based on our emotional and mental conditioning.

Those emotional turbulences create a ” confusion ” where we no longer know what is up, down, left, and right.

How can you start to clean up the inner life and get closer to your soul purpose?

Discover your worldview and what limiting beliefs stop you from living your life’s purpose and soul purpose today. Those limiting beliefs are not you.

Those beliefs are your parents, society’s expectations, your siblings, your neighbors, your teachers, your lives before your life (if you believe in reincarnation), your future lives, and so much more.

All your beliefs together created your entire worldview.

Your worldview decides whether you drive to the bakery in the morning and buy a salami roll or a vegan snack.

Your worldview decides whether you work out or not.

Your worldview decides whether you consider your physical body a sanctuary or an object of decay to which you assign no value.

Your worldview decides whether you believe the thoughts you attract or not.

Your worldview decides how you deal with emotions and challenging phases of life.

Your worldview is so much more because it is what you are and what you are not. It is the creation you have unconsciously and consciously created.

Your task is to discover which worldviews move you into the present moment.

Your worldview pulls thoughts, sensations, emotions, and external situations into your life.

If your worldview is that of a victim, meaning everything is predetermined by your family and environment, you may attract those victim manifestations into your life.

If your worldview is that misfortune will be in your life as long as you are wealthy, you will stay poor or attract misfortune into your life as soon as you become wealthy.

Your worldview is everything and nothing. Your worldview is like a dream waiting for physical manifestation.

Never forget that your worldview is full of joy because all beliefs make you experience a world. Without beliefs, there is no awareness.

Today we humans are ready to reveal and change our worldview. We must go through the necessary steps.

The three steps are the following:

  1. Follow your heart (listen to your true inner voice from your higher mind and higher self). Following your heart includes unfolding at your own pace and dealing with fears when you are ready for them. It does not help anyone if you want to heal too many shadows simultaneously, and as a result, you need more and more help from the outside because you cannot transform them fast enough. As a result, you attract even deeper fears that you cannot deal with.
  2. Deal with your fears so that from the seeds of your shadows, your gifts’ flowering occurs, and divine essences can emerge. An example of this is you can only be a Master of Diplomacy after having mastered many conflicts. Out of these conflicts (shadows), your diplomatic skills (gift) will develop, eventually leading to peace.
  3. Pursue your passion (living out your vocation in society, pursuing interests from the heart). This third step is related to the second step. Only when you realize your shadows will you realize in which area you can give the greatest service to yourself and others.

My mission is to guide you in transforming your shadows into gifts and embodying your divine essences of love.

I am delighted to introduce you to my new Beyonduality Podcast. This Podcast is all about these very topics!

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Gene Key 13 – From Discord to Empathy (13rd Gene Key)


This article is also available in: German

In this Gene Keys article, I share my contemplation of the Gene Key 13.

The 13rd Gene Key is about the Siddhi of Empathy, the Gift of Discernment, and the Shadow of Discord.

Gene Key 13 Energy Symbol

Our Gene Key 13 energy symbol invites you to profound contemplative work with the Gene Keys. Enjoy it!

Gene Key 13 – Shadow of Discord

“The Recreation of the Past”

This 13rd Gene Key is all about the art of listening. At the shadow level, we only hear acoustically what another tells, but we will not listen from the heart to hear what they truly express.

In another sense, we do not listen to the signs of our past. We continue to follow the same negative belief patterns repeatedly, without changing them and thus always recreating the past in the future. This recreation always differs and never seems like the same, but if we could observe it from a fractal pattern, we would notice that the patterns are identical.

The programming partner of this 13rd Gene Key is the 7th Gene Key. At the shadow level, discord meets division. The low frequency of discord reinforces the state of our division, and the division reinforces the state of our discord. If we stay stuck in this limited belief pattern, we cannot see the forest beyond the trees.

The Gene Key 13 is in the Codon Ring of Purification. The 30th Gene Key is the other Gene Key in this Codon Ring. In the shadow, discord meets desire, and they all reinforce each other at a low-frequency level. One can imagine what a mess the shadows of discord, division, and desire can produce in our outer world.

In my Gene Key 13 video below, I share one of my experiences of this shadow and its manifested in my physical life over the last 15 years. I recommend you to watch it here.

Gene Key 13 – Gift of Discernment

“The Art of Listening”

At the Gift level of Discernment, we begin to listen inwardly. We discover the art of emotional maturity. We can translate the acoustic waves of frequencies in our environment into the correct emotional and physical wavelengths, thus utterly understanding others.

This inner listening needs constant adjustment because others change their frequency depending on the subject matter in a conversation.

Discernment means that we can keep a distance from another while also starting to be entangled inside another.

Only the siddhi transcends this stage of immersion altogether.

When the Gene Key 13 of the Gift Discernment is active, we also act out of guidance (7. Gene Key), the programming partner, and we feel the lightness (30. Gene Key) Codon Ring of Purification.

Only when we feel the lightness can we see the opposites clearly and guide one another.

Gene Key 13 – Siddhi of Empathy

“From Sympathy to Empathy”

A lot of people mistake empathy with sympathy. Sympathy means “with another,” and empathy means “within another.”

The siddhi state of the Gene Key 13 is a state of the union.

We are the panther. We feel like the panther. We think like the panther.

We are the other person. We feel like the other person. We think like the other person.

There is no separation anymore between you and the other. This experience leads to ecstatic states of rapture (siddhi 30th Gene Key) and Virtue (siddhi 7th Gene Key).  Our heart is wide open, and we feel blessed to be alive and at the same time immersed in ‘All that is.’ We remember that we decided to be a part of this game and that we are the game.

Peace reigns, and the lightness of our being open all our energy centers. The first time we feel free, while we are still playing in the game of existence.

3 Questions for Contemplation

  1. In what environment do you succeed in listening and when do you find it difficult?
  2. How often do you listen inside yourself to get answers?
  3. Have you ever had an empathy moment where you felt like you completely lost yourself and were someone else?

Exclusive Podcast Episode for the 13rd Gene Key

Gene Keys Readings with Dominik

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You can also listen to Richard Rudd’s contemplation of the Gene Key 13 here.

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Dominik Porsche

Gene Key 19 – From Co-Dependence to Sacrifice (19th Gene Key)


This article is also available in: German

In this Gene Keys article, I share my contemplation of the Gene Key 19.

The 19th Gene Key is about the Siddhi of Sacrifice, the Gift of Sensitivity, and the Shadow of Co-Dependence.

Gene Key 19 Energy Symbol

Our Gene Key 19 energy symbol invites you to profound contemplative work with the Gene Keys. Enjoy it!

Gene Key 19 – Shadow of Co-Dependence

“The Dependence Full of Expectations”

In the 19th Gene Key shadow, we depend on each other in relationships. The act of Co-Dependence creates modest expectations (Shadow – Gene Key 42) about the role of each other. As soon as we have fantasy expectations, we blame one another, and as a result, we further strengthen the shadow state and its manifested elementals.

Elementals are emotion and thought forms that live in another dimension (Astral plane & Mental Plane). Every time we victimize us, we reinforce our victimhood and dependence in society.

We see this shadow worldwide, and at the same time, it is one of the first shadows to vanish into nothingness. We can observe this by the role of man and woman in relationships and growing up children. In the last couple of centuries, this role massively shifted and is further shifting towards male and female independence.

Everything is more holistic from the gift of sensitivity. In the shadow of co-dependence, we act out of addiction to sacrifice our higher purpose for our lower emotional and mental desires.

Gene Key 19 – Gift of Sensitivity

“Becoming Compassionate about Life”

In the 19th Gene Key, as soon as we are independent, something magical happens. Our sensitivity towards life itself has a rebirth. We can feel the connection to trees, animals, and other human beings more intense. This imagination might be like the sixth sense that is revealed and remembered in our personality. It is the access beyond the five senses and beyond words.

The first time I became consciously more sensitive for my environment was as scary as it was beautiful. The sensitivity of all the five senses increased. My sight increased immensely. After visiting a seminar, I still remember driving home afterward how detailed the mountains were with all their sunshine, trees, and green life. Suddenly, everything had more details. I was wondering what just happened. This event was also the first time I understood that I could change my DNA, thus healing my history.

After this event, I became much more sensitive to my environment. All thoughts, emotions, and body signals became crystal clear, and I had to work through all the activated negative belief patterns.

I soon understood that a lot of thoughts and emotions are not even mine. But subconsciously, I dragged myself down energetically by identifying with others and their victim state.

Waking up is hard because one cannot entirely go to sleep anymore. Increasing the sensitivity of the five senses and awakening senses beyond our common senses is expected, however in a society in which the unknown and uncertainty of life is a danger, it can also be challenging, pulling us back deep into our victimhood. It can also be that we abuse our new abilities for our selfish ego-self, which also pulls us back into the shadow.

For me, increased sensitivity means increased responsibilities for everything in my life. And increased responsibilities can put higher pressure and expectations on you. It is essential to stay connected to our truth and feel the lightness of our being. Then we stop sacrificing selfishly out of fear and manifest out of altruism, the true nature of humanity.

Gene Key 19 – Siddhi of Sacrifice

“The Holy Meltdown into the Heart”

The siddhi state of the 19th Gene Key is a meltdown of the selfish ego-mind construct into our heart. We value our true nature. We sacrifice for a higher purpose, which gives us freedom and peace.

Here we talk about sacrificing out of selflessness instead of selfishness.  This siddhi act is the interconnectedness of all life, in which we feel a higher purpose of fulfilling.

The purpose to selflessly care and help all life on planet earth, no matter how ‘small or big,’ how ‘important or unimportant.’ Where the human mind would rationalize this insane meltdown behavior into the heart – this siddhi is thriving.

It is a devotional act out of compassion. It is the meltdown into our hearts that cannot be rationalized by the mind.

3 Questions for Contemplation

  1. How is it possible for you to free yourself from dependency?
  2. What alternative sensitive pleasures are available to you?
  3. When was the last time you spoke with nature? Dare!

Exclusive Video and Podcast (both unique content)

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You can also listen to Richard Rudd’s contemplation of the Gene Key 19 here.

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Dominik Porsche

Gene Key 36 – From Turbulence to Compassion (36th Gene Key)


This article is also available in: German

In this new article series, I share the wisdom of the Gene Keys.

Gene Key 36 is the start of this sharing journey and the path to wisdom.

The 36th Gene Key is about the Siddhi of Compassion, the Gift of Humanity, and the Shadow of Turbulence.

Gene Key 36 Energy Symbol

Our Gene Key 36 energy symbol invites you to profound contemplative work with the Gene Keys. Enjoy it!

Gene Key 36 – Shadow of Turbulence

“The Wheel of the Shadows”

We remember a lot by going through turbulences. But if we are turmoiled, the key to the heart is sealed. That is the quintessence of the Gene Key 36.

Only when we dare to face this shadow and be awake and clear in this turbulence, we remember that suffering is not what it seems to be and that it is not what our physical mind wants.

Suffering is chaotic and unpredictable. Yes. Suffering is full of turbulences.

However, within suffering is hidden a more profound secret.

For human beings, up and downs are natural and a requirement.

You may ask.

How can suffering be good?

Will my suffering never end?

We need the up and downs as a mirror to remember what we need and what we do not need in life. We also need it to see the importance of relationships.

Like the stock market, the ocean, and global weather, we also have daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly up and downs. Some of those energetic interferences are subtle, and others are more intense.

The Seasons of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter are nature’s turbulences. Because we are part of nature and earth, we go through turbulences too.

The difference between the shadow of turbulence and the gift of humanity is that we can handle the turbulence. We are more open-minded, selfless, and act out of philanthropy. We remember that others are a mirror of us. We stop blaming others and look within.

By going through turbulences, we remember an essential life lesson as soon as we see the bigger picture.

We remember that we are not alone in this chaotic universe full of changes.

Unfortunately, human beings are stubborn and love to keep the limiting patterns of comfort alive. This stubbornness and arrogance is the ultimate reason why we tend to experience stronger and stronger turbulences. We do not listen to our heart and the pure desires of our nature.

And because we are not listening, we receive more substantial signs of turbulences. Physically, those turbulences can manifest as all kinds of health problems.

And the more we are stubborn to listen, the stronger the signs become.

The ultimate sign of stubbornness can be considered as the disincarnating of the physical body.

People must be honest with themselves. Most people would rather die than looking within and discovering the deep dark part of their history. They will preferably continuously suffer instead of healing their history.

One of the reasons is that there are not many playful approaches to discover the soul’s darkness. So, a lot of humans are reserved to look within.

But hope is always there, and more people open their horizons. Enough people have gone through states of victimization. Enough people are not willing to be victims anymore, as enough abusers are not further fulfilled and happy at abusing and manipulating others.

We live in a prosperous time of accelerating changes in human beings.

Gene Key 36 – Gift of Humanity

“The Art of Being Human”

All our brothers and sisters worldwide, from Asia, America, Europa, Australia, Africa, and Antarctica, share one truth.

The truth that humanity is one organism and our unified mother is earth. The Gene Keys 36 gift of humanity releases a fragrance of mindfulness for the revelation of this truth.

Every one of us needs phases of activity, pausing, reflecting, and growing. If we only want to grow, we soon will burn out and radiate a lack of purpose. If we only pause and reflect, we soon are not experiencing the vast service and prosperity opportunities.

In both states of growth and reflection, we can lose ourselves in the vastness of the physical mind.

The gift of humanity and Gene Key 36 can trigger insane spontaneous healing. After contemplating the Gene Keys for years, I consider myself one of the living examples of the 36 Gene Key insane healing powers from suffering to love.

I cannot consider myself as mindful and present in my teenage years until my mid-twenties. I was hiding in my mind’s selfishness and the fears of the past and the future

I never knew there is something like spirituality, energy healing, and a higher purpose. I had forgotten, like described in the Gene Key 33 – Forgetting – Mindfulness – Revelation.

Note: Both the Gene Key 36 and the Gene Key 33 are significant parts of my Venus Sequence.

After so much suffering and turbulence in my teenage years, I had just forgotten the beauty of being a child, the beauty of innocence and truth.

And as soon as I dived deep within my psyche, discovering my wounded inner child and limiting belief systems, the disentanglement of my old self cracked wide open.

Gene Key 36 – Siddhi of Compassion

“The Deepest Incarnation Possible in Humanity”

The siddhi of the 36th Gene Key of compassion has an extraterrestrial fragrance of invincibility in even the deepest states of suffering and is not often accessible today.

Being compassionate means knowing the boundaries of yourself and others. The paradox here is that we must first break all boundaries in order to know our limits. This is an acausal event that cannot be brought about by the will of the mind.

Being compassionate means to stay in a high frequency that uplifts and guides others into their soul purpose.

In spring, summer, fall, and winter, being compassionate means always staying connected to your absolute truth.

This truth can be chaotic and beautiful at the same time. All depends on our perception and how we act in times of crisis.

Being compassionate does not mean lowering your frequency and suffering with others; however, lowering your frequency is used to understand others’ feelings while staying in your presence.

Being compassionate does not mean being forever free from suffering because all feelings are more intense. The difference between the shadow and siddhi is that we can never be an embodiment of the suffering again. At the siddic level, we will always observe the suffering and act out of peace, love, and harmony with our true self.

I experienced very painful states of suffering, and at the same time, they were exquisitely beautiful. I do not believe that I am partially or fully an embodiment of this or another siddhi. I do not know. However, there are times of experience that genuinely feel close to the hidden meaning of compassion.

This uncertainty is also the magic of the Gene Keys teachings. It is not understood from the physical mind because it can only be understood and experienced physically from all cells.

The Gene Key 36 is also a part of the Codon Ring of Divinity together with the 37th Gene Key (Siddhi of Tenderness), the 22nd Gene Key (Siddhi of Grace) and the 63rd Gene Key (Siddhi of Truth).

When Grace implodes within, we need to be tender, and soon we understand truth. Compassion arises from this self-realization of soul-spirit-ego and the power and position in “God” and “All that is.”

And as explained in the 36th Gene Key, compassion is all about the dark night of the soul.

Only when we experienced the darkness of our soul are we able to be compassionate. We understand the suffering of others, and we are grateful for being of service to each other.

We understand that suffering is subjective to each of us; however, we also understand that suffering is Divine Grace.

3 Questions of Contemplation

  1. How can you become aware of your turbulence so that you can slowly let it go?
  2. What does humanity mean to you?
  3. Why is it so easy for you to be compassionate with others?

Video Contemplation of the 36th Gene Key

Gene Keys Readings with Dominik

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You can also listen to Richard Rudd’s contemplation of the Gene Key 36 here.

With Love,

Dominik Porsche

Do What You Love – 5 Ultimate Self-Love Tips for You!


This article is also available in: German

Do what you love is just a stupid saying, is it not? Together with you, I will find out what is real and what is not.

If you want to be at peace with yourself and radiate self-love, which goes far beyond your “I” or “ego,” this article is just right for you.

This article will also inspire you to learn about a new fantastic view of the world where I live more and more every day. This worldview is universally applicable to everyone, and it just requires the necessary courage and honesty with yourself.

1. Do What You Love

How often do we hear the phrase “Do what you love!”?

Isn’t it much easier said than done?

Yes, 100 percent.

Why is it easier said than done?

Words are not directly transformed into our minds’ activities but are sorted out by our beliefs on a subconscious level.

If the sentence “Do what you love!” doesn’t fit into the filter of your worldview, you won’t be able to act on it.

A little story from my private life.

As a child, my dream was to be a professional soccer star. I did what I loved playing soccer! The dream and goal of being a professional soccer player turned the “do what I love” into a “dream what I love.” From that point on, I couldn’t make it fun and enjoyable, and some injuries even kept me from achieving the goal at all. So I was far from doing what I love, and it instead became the “number 1 pain theme” in my life.

How often does it happen in our society today that we want to become the next millionaire, YouTube star, or streaming star because we can do what we love, only to find that our limiting beliefs keep us from realizing it?

Very often!

An apt saying is:

„The journey is the destination.“

A quote everyone knows. But what is the real message of this quote?

The goal is insignificant as soon as you only see the future goal and completely forget to go on your present journey. If you manage to go on your journey in the present, only then do you know for sure that you are doing what you love!

Only then you are much more present in your love.

However, there are four more tips that you must follow so that you can also receive and radiate more love.

2. Love All Your Creations

What do you do when your enthusiasm gets lower and lower, even though you do what you love?

Or at least you thought you were doing what you love!

What do you do when you don’t like your creations, or they are even painful?

Whether it’s physical injuries or mental challenges in business that you may face, it’s easier said than done to embrace these shadow sides of yourself and come out of it more robust.

But isn’t that why we all came to earth, to deal with our shadows as much as we deal with our light?

There is a lot of depth here for you and your gifts and talents to contemplate.

Life is not a one-way street, unfortunately, because we all suffer individually in our way.

Learning to deal with this and to love our creations, no matter what manifestations they are, is probably the most challenging task for more self-love.

Because we have a habit of distracting ourselves from our shadow issues, whether mental, emotional, or already physically manifested.

The excessive consumption of sugar, alcohol, or doing sports, we should therefore also learn to assess correctly.

Because often habits are signs that we are struggling with strong emotions or are unhappy in our bodies.

I’m also not a fan of banning everything! Listen to your body and accept your shadow sides, just as you accept your light sides and vice versa.

Also, accept all your manifestations, no matter how severe they are.

Only then the space for your inner and outer transformation is given.

Everything you repress will come to the surface sooner or later, so I recommend you to deal with the deep-seated issues of your psyche at your speed.

But also allow yourself the necessary time. Be patient! Not every pain will heal overnight, nor should it.

“We are here on earth to heal our history. That is our job, and no one is excluded from it.” 

3. Love Your Thoughts

For us to heal our history, we must also heal our thoughts.

Do you know the following too?

You have dark thoughts, negative images about the past or future, and don’t know how to deal with them? Maybe you dream that a loved one is going to die or get sick. Maybe you dream that you are that person yourself.

Then you are not alone. This is a mass phenomenon and describes the current state of consciousness on earth and our human consciousness.

Not to identify with it is a master task, because how to know if it has to do with you if the dark thoughts will also manifest.

It is all a matter of consciousness and intuition.

It is all a matter of love and heart.

It is all a matter of distance and clarity.

When you finally love all of your thoughts, you will find no outside, but only an inner state of peace and purity born in love.

„Negative and positive are as much a part of love as shadow and light. “

4. Love Your Emotions

Emotional intelligence or EQ is becoming more relevant in our society besides the intelligence quotient or IQ.

We must learn to understand that our emotions do not occur outside of us, not even within us as many spiritual teachings would have us believe, but exist as an independent entity.

Thus, our emotions are not our emotions, but those of humanity as a collective. We have a habit of becoming too attached to emotions and making them our emotions, which causes us to lose a lot of energy and have less radiance.

This process takes place at some point as a child.

Why else do young children have endless energy?

Precisely because of this! They still have the gift to transform emotions directly into meaningful actions, which rarely take a deadly form and are mostly considered an indication for the environment, such as the parents.

Love all that you feel because what you feel and how the attitude to the feeling will also influence your fellow men’s emotional structure and thus All that is.

You thus have the power to observe and feel everything in your way and thus live in far more fulfillment and peace than you might imagine today.

Just as I would not have thought what is possible five years ago, you will also look back in a few years and recognize your new potential.

And so I will be just as amazed in a few years and decades, what potential was still hidden in me, without having unfolded it so far.

„Love what you feel, then open yourself to the energies that are already waiting to be unlocked.“ 

5.Love Your Feelings

Your sensations make you as a human being just as much as emotions and thoughts. The difference between emotions and sensations is that we address the sensitivity and feeling level of the physical body with sensations, that is, the feeling level. On the other hand, with emotions, we address the astral body’s energetic structure in a completely different “parallel world.”

This emotional world is also why we often find it challenging to access emotions because we do not possess emotions but gain access to the astral plane and its manifestations based on energy, i.e., frequencies.

Sensations are directly anchored in our cells even deeper. We should always pay attention to our physical sensations!

We get the direct hint if we are eating right, connected with beneficial or obstructive emotions for us, and if our thought world is supporting or blocking.

The first step is always to look at our emotional level of the body because this is where all levels meet and create what we feel and recognize as being human.

So love everything you feel to transcend it if you don’t like it. And if you like it, enjoy your sensations.

But to love everything you sense, you may also love everything you feel and everything you think.

„Loving is a cycle of body, mind, and soul that is interconnected.“

I hope my article could inspire you to rethink a newer, more open-minded sphere and give you some incentives to strengthen your self-love.

With unconditional love,


The Flaws Within – What Earth Do You Prefer to Live On?


This article is also available in: German

Limitless reasons exist why I should be different than I am. Limitless limits exist why I cannot be who I am supposed to be. Life has its own rhythms, and many of us human beings lost this core connectivity to the rhythm of life.

2020 and the future years will represent this lost rhythm with nature and the flow of life. We lost our identity and moved in the direction of pure automation. This steals the inherent power to keep an open heart and speak the truth wholeheartedly from one to another.

I am no exception in this. The more I remember, the more I remember what I have forgotten, and the more I see how little my impact on the whole is. At the same time, my impact, on the whole, is everything. And so is your impact vastly underrated. Because it also means everything!

In the end, there is just unity.

2020 and the future years are the most critical in humanities history in different aspects. We can decide to move into a fully automatic dictatorship that we all created, or we decide to trust our hearts and feelings, bringing mind and heart into union.

Are our feelings not what makes us human beings in the first place?

Today in society, we philosophy and study consciousness, subconsciousness, and psychology, but we completely forget the value of our intuition and heart. We rationalize everything, and all that cannot be understood by our ratio is seen as a coincidence of life for which we have no power over.

Most human beings do not understand the vastness of living on planet earth. Life on earth can be both heaven and hell. Our perceptions and experiences decide if we experience heaven or hell.

In 2020, I see more people experience heaven and hell. Why is that?

Because people are more awake, reflective, and aware. At least the people that experienced hell will notice that there is no hell to enter the afterlife. And the people experiencing heaven will understand that everything is as it should be. Earth can be heaven and hell.

What earth do you prefer to live on?

This is not a matter of one or the other; it is a matter of which one you participate in. Do not believe that we, as human beings, will only experience heaven and be full of light without experiencing the darkness because the darkness surrounds everything.

This *light and purity* is modern spiritual nonsense, and it is dangerous because it hides your true light.

I am no one to judge anyone else besides my actions. Indeed, I am a part of humanity as you are.

My actions influence yours, and your action influences me on a completely different level.

We all are flawless and limitless beings from the core, and at the same time, we are full of flaws within.

The flaws within are also flawless and limitless. So, accept, allow, and embrace your flaws from deep within.

What earth do you prefer to live on?

With unconditional love,


The Secrets of Depressions and the Benefits for Your Soul Purpose!


This article is also available in: German

There is a vast secret to depressions that no one wants you to know in society, and people that know this truth are scared to talk about it in public. Everyone understands that depressions are good for business to keep the abuser and victim game running.

I will reveal this secret later in this read. So, it is a rare event that I am writing about it today.

I am regularly dealing with different states of depressions in my life. I had always felt depressed, but those depressive states’ quality vastly changed in quality and quantity over the last years.

Even today, there are times and phases of my life when they come and go like day and night.

Some days I can’t sleep or work, and some days I am just frustrated and bored.

Who knows this too?

After doing my inner work for years, clearly understanding my past, actively contemplating the worldview of epigenetics, quantum physics, and dimensions of Bruce Lipton, Nassim Haramein, and Tom Campbell – I had a revelation for depressions.

So, this article will help you to understand…

  1. What are Depressions from an Energetic Point of View?
  2. Why are Depressions Essential to Understand Your Soul Purpose?
  3. 3 Steps How You Deal with Depressions

1. What are Depressions from an Energetic Point of View?

Depressions are compression. They are pressure points that intensify energy in a single point. Compressions are always mental, emotional, and physical. It is all about how we interact with the universal patterns of information in the field. And because everyone is connected to the field, sometimes it just happens that more information is accessible. When we access too much information, we may feel exhausted. Most likely, we are not able to efficiently understand the depth of this information.

In most cases, we cannot discover the turn off button. We feel like a victim and run from one psychologist and doctor to another without finding the solution.  Only when a professional will not clarify depressions as mental anxiety we can find the solution. We do not have to be healed from depressions; we only must understand how information is processed in our system and how to streamline the energy efficiently.

You can consider depression as an overload of information entering the personality that needs to be listened to and needs a creative expression.

“When we do not listen to our inner life, we suppress it, so we further stabilize a state of depression.”

We are not willing to let go of our past, thus establishing more intense emotional patterns. Those emotional patterns are established in our physical bodies. And those emotional patterns also establish in our mental condition. In extreme cases, states of suppression cause all kinds of anxiety states because we cannot handle the energy. We behave like remotely controlled by our environment; we feel like victims of our environment.

So we have to understand this: Modern Science is on the brick to understand that we have the capability to access all the information of the universe because we live in a holographic universe, in which everything is recorded and can be recreated from every spacetime of the universe. We have the power to access the universes energy field, which includes our energy field and different subtle bodies.

When we cannot handle our energetic field, and we suppress it because this seems the only valid option, we feel depressed. We hide away from our emotions, thoughts, and the rhythm of our physical body and our heart. Because we never learned how to deal with the energy and the information from the field.

How to deal with compressions and our personality history is neither a home nor a school subject and teaching.

That is also why in solar storms from the sun and different universal activities, we can feel more sad or depressed because more compact information is transmitted. But because we cannot handle this compact information, we human beings can feel it even stronger – having our extreme ups and downs.

The core of the challenge is that collectively we still believe to be victims. We do not believe that we are co-creators in this universe with pure abundance and freedom. Our limiting beliefs convince us that we cannot access all information of all universes from within. So, we seek information from the outside of our world.

We cannot gather all the information instantly because we would be perfect, right? We would be the oneness that can not experience itself anymore. Because of that, we must accept our journey on earth. We must allow and embrace our suffering.

2. Why Are Depressions Essential to Understand Your Soul Purpose?

Depressions are information packs that influence human beings more than anything else in the 21. Century. Only when we can decipher and extract information out of the field can we familiarize ourselves with our Soul Purpose. The compressions/depression blocks the information that is not meant to be visible for the time being. So, depression is positive in our evolutionary context. We are not meant to understand and remember everything. Seeing depressions and your Soul Purpose in this perspective will make your life a lot easier! 

3. 3 Steps How You Deal with Depressions

How are depressions a positive signal for you? They are a sign that you have reached a point of no return in a cycle of your life. When you decide for something in life, you are not meant to sustain your old self, events, and life, but we hold onto the past lives.

When we go for Option A, we do not tolerate to burn Option B. Option A can be one partner and option B the single, separated life. Option A can be one business, and option B is the closure of this business and starting a new business. If one path is stagnating and decaying, this is known as “death.” It is not different than physically dying.

Therefore, humans feel so depressed all the time. We feel to lose the old, which seems never to be revisiting us every again. What is dying is the hope to return to the old life. When we hold onto the old, we intensify and block information that needs to be freed.

Step 1: So, the first solution is to honestly let go of the old and understanding that life is not meant to be lived in memories. When we start to understand that everything always decays and grows in our universe, from plants to trees to human beings – we begin to feel lighter, and we are grateful for each moment. Every day millions and billions of cells die and are renewed. And because we are made from this 50 billion and more cells, we die every day without observing and understanding it. We do not think about the past or future anymore because we know that this moment will decay, and it will never return as it was before.

“By living in the past and future, we never actually lived in the first place. “

We misinterpret the present moment, and thus we misinterpret our past experiences and our future probabilities. Understanding this will improve your life’s quality immensely, and depressions will maximum be compressions from now on. There will be smaller or larger decays or deaths in everyone’s life. And because we misinterpret all our life’s experiences, we misinterpret everything about other life experiences too.

Step 2: Do not make the mistake I have done so many times in my life. Holding back and doing something halfhearted, gives only half-hearted and messy results. Every time I entirely devoted myself to a project and mission, I had tremendous success, and every time I kept even a single percentage in the fridge – it has early or later frozen the process and created painful experiences. So, commit yourself to feel the suffering, the depressions, and work out solutions to access your energy field of information’s more efficiently, instead of pulling out and holding back.

“Half-Heartedness spreads all energy as far as possible into all directions, and Devotion binds all energy strongly together into a single mission.”

Step 3: Believing that physical death will fix your depressions is probably the most significant error in humanity. It is just not the case that after physical death, our problems go away. They are sustainable until we solve them. Physical death is not the higher mind and the soul’s death – because of that, we better deal with our struggles now, not pushing them away further into the future, hoping that they will disappear at one point in our life. Be yourself! There are enough experiences from out of the body, near-death experiences (I have several friends who had one and shared their experience), and many more. We would be ignorant and arrogant to the belief that we are petty as it would be ignorant and arrogant to the belief that we have more significance than we have. We can master our lives! But this is a task to be reckoned with – we should not try to master others’ lives or the universe.

“Master your life before teaching others how to master their lives!” 

Only you know how to become the master of your life. I have written more than 30 articles on Beyonduality, which will support you as a kind of guide. But you must walk the path yourself! 

Thanks a lot for reading my articles. I am always keen to share my experiences in life.

With unconditional Love,

Dominik Porsche

Your Purpose in Life and Society Integration


This article is also available in: German

As already written in the main article “Discover Your Soul Purpose,” life’s purpose is the assignment that you have taken to earth as a soul. For example, this could be that this time you do not make the same “mistakes” as in previous incarnations and master the challenges with ease.

If you integrate your mission into society, you can also consider this as your vocation. So, you find your vocation by unfolding your life’s work and your archetypal qualities and abilities.

I have even made a self-check for you to filter out your archetypal qualities and abilities.

Find Your Purpose in Society

For you to get your life’s work and soul purpose integrated into society, you may determine for yourself what your unique abilities and qualities are for society. This is one of your higher purposes for society.

To be in a higher service, you must essentially have a fundamental understanding of the global economy—especially the perpetual female and male gender struggle, which is littered with conflicts.

I am a big fan of the spectrum of consciousness from Gene Keys to understand these conflicts in depth.

We live in a time in which women become more influential in politics, economy, and cooperation. We can observe this by looking into the management levels of companies or politics.

There is no wrong or right here. Just as there are good and bad role models for men, there will also be bad role models for women in management positions. One of the significant challenges in today’s world is the balance and diplomacy between women and men.

This is an example of how you could offer valuable benefits in society with your life’s work if you have the abilities and qualities to find diplomatic and peaceful solutions to disputes.

How do you proceed so that you discover this social purpose in life?

First of all, you have to deal with yourself and your inner life. At the same time, you are currently already passively implementing this task as an employee, self-employed person, or entrepreneur, which helps you to recognize your abilities and qualities more. Probably, you are already “On the track” even though you may not know it.

How could this social purpose of life look like?

Maybe you are a programmer in a company and find ways to integrate new concepts for gender equality into society. Here it is vital to act outside your comfort zone because nobody has ever done this task and mission before.

Maybe you are a kindergarten teacher and find ways to integrate new concepts for gender equality into society. This takes place here on a completely different level than with the programmer, yet both possibilities could help all people worldwide find their harmony.

For me, equality means not to force women and men or girls and boys into a prefabricated box. So, it is about letting them freely unfold so that they can develop their own style. This way, they are aware of their purpose in life much earlier in their lives and automatically act according to what they enjoy most.

Of course, these people carry out a social mission in life, which is for all people and the earth. 

Your Purpose in Life in Society – Private Factors  

What is the benefit for you and your private environment if you integrate your purpose in life into society? What do your brothers and sisters get out of it?

Ask yourself intensively how you and your environment can benefit from your life’s work in the long term.

Private and personal are very close to each other. The personal is focused solely on you, and the private is including your circle of friends and family.

What effects do your actions have on your friends and family?

What changes do your actions have on your friends and family?

The paradox is that only through a process of inner change, can you positively influence your outer world and your environment. This does not yet require manifestations in the form of more external resources.

“Like more happiness, love, patience, and understanding, the inner resources will lift you and your environment to the next level of consciousness.

Your Purpose in Life in Society – Environmental Factors

The purpose of life in society can just as well be fulfilled for the environment. Maybe you are a programmer and develop a new system for more efficient waste disposal or a system like Boyan Slat with “The Ocean Cleanup” for the sea’s plastic problem.

Depending on what your expertise is, you can also use it for the environment. The most important thing is not to set yourself any limits. Above all, it is essential to follow your heart and see clearly that your mission will be a success no matter what.

Your mission is always serving the society and not only yourself. This is essential!

You can also help the animal kingdom. Always check the global social benefits. See that it improves your well-being and the well-being of your fellow human beings, animals, and nature.

Your Purpose in Life in Society – Business Factors

What is the benefit for you and other companies if you integrate your life’s work into society?

Today we are all conditioned to short-term profit, but short-term gain, no matter what kind, is extremely volatile and does not serve the well-being of all. If you want to profit in the short term, you need a participant who can make extreme losses in a short time. If you build your strategy on sustainability and the long term, everyone can benefit.

For example, who recommends a credit of 100.000 Euro or more to an already “poor person” who wants to be successful, so that he makes 5.000 Euro fast and easy “money,” acts selfishly in the well-being of himself. Whoever wants to sell a property to a successful person has a different lever and can play the game even more intensively. I am personally not a fan of debt, no matter in which way. I just don’t like to play Russian roulette with my future, especially not in a time like today, when everybody wants to sell everything to everybody and prices worldwide are rising to the unaffordable and have already risen.

Look for yourself and integrate your life’s mission socially, where everybody can profit, and nobody can lose. A real win-win situation is a prerequisite for sustainability in our society.

Conclusion: Mission of Life, Vocation, Purpose – Integration into Society

It is always fun to write about this topic. At the same time, our language has made it increasingly difficult to distinguish between individual words. The mission of life, vocation, and purpose are just a few of the many names that repeatedly cause confusion. Some of these terms are the same, and some are very different.

For me, life’s mission is the task of the soul, and the vocation is the collective realization of the mission of life on an active level (DOING). The purpose is the passive level (BEING) that always resonates. This passive level (BEING) could be understood as a system of values that define you and your whole personality. Just like a fish swims in water and takes the water as a passive matter of principle (BEING), we also accept our purpose as an unconscious matter of principle.

Therefore, it is damn hard to find out our life’s purpose for society.

We may look into our consciousness, subconscious and superconscious and the limiting belief systems bound in them to find out our passive qualities.

We may deal with fears, worries, and frustration. Your shadow work is a prerequisite for discovering your passive qualities and your life’s work. As the shaman has learned to look deep into his inner being, you may also learn ways to look deep into your inner being again.

Here I personally work with Meditation and Gene Keys in combination with self-study and recommend dealing with both because they are connected with joy and fun.

PS: You will find out parts of your being, your hidden destiny about your life purpose and vocation will become increasingly apparent.

With love,

Your Dominik

Spiritual Awakening Signs – 3 Stages of Spiritual Awakening and Questions Answered


This article is also available in: German

How to have a spiritual awakening? Are you ready for them?

Awakening, Enlightenment, Ascension…Can you be even ready for them?

And spiritual awakening, what is it really?

This master’s article is meant to answer all your questions to live your answers to spiritual awakening.

I decided to create this super long article, to write “REAL TALK” about this subject because someone has to do it.

In this article, I write about the 3 stages of spiritual awakening and everything else you need to know. There is also a fantastic FAQ at the end of this article.

last update on 06.05.2021 (brilliant graphic for the 3 phases added and other optimizations)


1. What is Spiritual Awakening?
2. Spiritual Awakening Signs explained in 3 Stages
3. Spiritual Awakening and Relationships
4. Who are Spiritual Awakening Teachers?
5. Spiritual Awakening Quotes
6. Spiritual Awakening Books
7. FAQ Spiritual Awakening Questions
– What are Spiritual Awakening Symptoms?
– How is Spiritual Awakening and Kundalini related?
– What is the Duration of a Spiritual Awakening?
– Can it happen that I had a Spiritual Awakening and now a Depression?
– Can it happen that I had a Spiritual Awakening and Can’t Sleep?
– Can Spiritual Awakening Make You Tired?
– Can Spiritual Awakening come from Alcohol?
– Can Spiritual Awakening Cause Dizziness?
– Can Spiritual Awakening Cause Headaches?
– Can it happen that I had a Spiritual Awakening and Can’t Focus?

What is Spiritual Awakening?

What is spiritual Awakening?

When we fall asleep in the night, we awaken into another reality, mostly our dream reality. When we wake up in the morning, we awaken into our known physical reality again. So, no worries about spiritual awakening, because in a sense, we at least have two huge awakenings every day!

What is a spiritual awakening?

Spiritual awakening is an alchemical process of life. It is a process from one set of beliefs to another set of beliefs. Therefore, it is a significant shift in our worldview that changes us forever.

You still remember those crazy geniuses, Leonardo da Vinci or Copernicus, right? They all changed how we perceive the world. Earth was believed to be the center of our whole universe, and Copernicus discovered that the sun is at the center of the universe. And Leonardo da Vinci proofed already over 500 years ago, that we will be able to fly. That we can do the impossible!

You may ask what all of this has to do with spiritual awakening.

Spiritual awakening can be considered as an expansion of your worldview. Today, most people would agree that they cannot fly with their human body, heal themselves, or portal from one place to another. It seems like science fiction, and it is science fiction for our current physical evolution.

But what, if at some point, this will be not magic anymore and people commonly manifest those superpowers?

Another subject is that people are not sure what happens after death. We have no scientific facts or data that indeed prove the afterlife, besides the thousands of near-death experiences and stories about astral travel.

The fear of death can be frightening for most, as it is beneficial for others. Cooperations and society are built around the fear of death and that with all power, we have to prevent our physical death.

Most major spiritual awakenings include the experience of the feeling that we exist now and that we infinitely always exist and change forms. This experience is a massive gamechanger with vast implications for our daily life.

We begin to understand that we can never lose another.

We begin to understand that time is unlimited.

We begin to understand that fear is an illusion of our minds.

At the same time, after a sudden awakening, we cannot implement our new inner wisdom in our daily life because we never experienced this major internal shift of our belief systems. This can be a considerable shock and challenge because, globally, we continue to live in separation and a lack of everything.

The meaning of what spiritual awakening is, is the result of my experiences. Sudden spiritual awakenings can be overwhelming because we shift into a completely new reality while staying with our old environment of family, friends, and colleagues.

I shifted to an entirely new outer environment within the last 4 years, and I successfully changed from one to another reality. Only very few people, including my family and friends, are still by my side.

You can read more about this in the chapter Spiritual Awakening and Relationships.

My personal opinion is that spiritual awakening and spiritual enlightenment always goes hand in hand. While we awaken to a new worldview, we always lighten up and access more conscious awareness.

Spiritual awakening is experienced in three stages, and when people experience the second and third stage, they always expand their level of conscious awareness. This new level of awareness can also contract for a while again. However, the inner cellular wisdom stays active until the expansion of the next stage of spiritual awakening arrives.

Spiritual Awakening Signs explained in 3 Stages

Before we go into the 3 stages, I have created this graphic for you (Spiral of Spiritual Awakening – see above). This illustration supports you wonderfully for your personal phase of spiritual awakening. You can also see that I have subdivided the graphic into red, orange and green. This is to illustrate that after awakening, there will be another challenge. The new challenge is easier to overcome because you already have a higher quality of life here. So the awakening becomes easier and easier for you the more often it occurs.

1. The Dissatisfaction Stage before Spiritual Awakening 

Stage 1 is the dissatisfaction stage, in which we begin to fall out of our hearts into the prison of our thoughts and limiting environmental factors. In religion, some call this the fall of Eden, in which the first shame and guilt was born. 

As mentioned before, the actual spiritual awakening is a complete shift in belief systems about you and the world. This is the sign that before your awakening, powerful and old limiting beliefs are present. Those limiting belief systems seem to have power over the decisions in your life. Almost all the time, this ends in dissatisfaction. It can go as far as burnout and depression in one’s life, as it occurred with me. You feel and think you are genuinely the victim and not the director and actor of your life.

At some point in this unsatisfied phase, you cry for help. This is an inner cry, a desire to do something about your life’s circumstances. You actively learn about solutions and coincidently meet people that inspire you to let go of your limiting beliefs. There may be even signs of spiritual awakening receiving secret messages from others.

You learn about permission slips that support you to be more of who you already are, your true infinite self. Permission slips can be any tool or technique that helps you be more in harmony, peace, and, most notably, in a balanced self-love state.

2. The Spiritual Awakening Stage – Enough is Enough

Stage 2 is the awakening stage, in which we discover and act on solutions that help us get out of the deep cave of our minds. This is also the stage, in which the enlightenment occurs.

At some point in overcoming enough challenges in your life, your higher self and higher mind send certain spiritual teachings or teachers which strongly resonate with you. You begin to study your inner self. You open up to deep inner work.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be like that, but most times, it is the scenario. You will notice this by the specific different type of energy surrounding your life that wasn’t present until that time.

It may even feel like God is visiting you.

The exact time of your spiritual awakening can’t be expected and will be very spontaneous. This is because you never had experienced it before, and your conscious awareness is limited to look into your future full of probabilities.

Several requirements strengthen the probability that your spiritual awakening is close.

Spiritual Awakening Sign – Courage for Inner Work

You dare to look deeply into your own inner self. Without beginning your shadow work, awakening may stay a dream in your life forever. So yes, spiritual awakening and shadow work is one requirement.

Spiritual Awakening Sign – Trust Your Suffering

Your suffering and inner tension are probably already immense. To trust this, suffering from Love is another spiritual awakening symptom. Combined with the courage and trust to look deeply within, this may lead to spiritual awakening through your shadow work.

How Does Spiritual Awakening Feel?

When the actual awakening experience happens, it can be like an explosion of a champagne bottle within your whole sensory system. From person to person, this will always be completely different. It was very explosive, warm, peaceful and a feeling of being home surrounded my whole being, and the complete awakening experience lasted for over an hour. Thoughts stopped, and my physical body was in an entire relaxation state. In a sense, it was a sensation like barely waking up in the morning and still feeling half asleep and disincarnated to your physical, sensory environment. It is hard to describe, but this comes a little close to how I walked around for an hour. It was almost like flying and incredibly surreal at that moment.

But having a spiritual awakening does not mean that all beliefs will always be in peace. Some of the negative belief systems can fight back as they did in my case. That is the third stage, in which you have to adjust to your new state of awareness and sets of new beliefs about the world. 

3. The Readjustment Stage after Spiritual Awakening 

Stage 3 is the readjustment after the sudden spiritual awakening that changed the bedrock of our beliefs and worldview.

The most significant and most crucial phase is the readjustment stage. While many have huge awakenings, they are never able to implement the wisdom into their lives. This can become a negative feedback loop, in which you believe you feel even worse than before. But this is an illusion.

You just have experienced a state of pure blissful consciousness, for that no other benchmark for comparison exists. Because this state of blissful awareness, in which pure consciousness enters your system, will very quickly be your new status quo, everything that even comes close to your old unsatisfied feeling will feel ten times as bad and robust.

That is the illusion.

Now your limiting belief systems try to convince you, and when you trust and believe them, you lost. They know that you had a big breakthrough, and they fear to vanish into the void of nothingness. You can genuinely see your beliefs as entities that fear for their lives.

When you stay open, honest, reflected, and grounded in your heart, you will quickly notice that these new sets of feelings and thoughts are just your old belief systems’ last offensive acts.

So be in peace with them. Don’t fight back, because this will just strengthen the limiting belief systems and put you in a very confusing situation, causing heavy fatigues.

Critical summary: Illusionary can be the fact while having a boost of conscious awareness, you begin and want to change so many things in our fear-based society. This can cause the effect that you let limiting beliefs convince you that your new worldview has a negative impact because there is so much more work to do. After that, you can be trapped by your negative belief system to feel and think more pessimistic about the world again.

This is the most significant factor why people talk about tiredness, depression, or that they can’t sleep after their initial spiritual awakening. Now, they are fully aware of what they were not aware of before. This can be the shock of spiritual awakening, which has to be understood and dealt with immediately.

My personal opinion:

After a spiritual awakening, the real hard devoted work starts. Everyone will notice that you changed. It has a significant impact on your relationships and all of your environments. This could cause intense turbulences, which you have to be aware of and discover a playful approach to deal with them.

In the first phase, after awakening, you need time and patience to realize the new and put it into the context of a new worldview. In the next phase, you need to partly integrate the new realization into your life. And in the last phase, you need to fully incorporate the recent completion into your life. Those three phases after spiritual awakening take years or even a whole lifetime to complete.

These are my ideas that after a spiritual awakening is before your spiritual awakening, your life truly changes when you awaken. That is because the bedrock of your beliefs changed.

When your belief systems change, your outer circumstances will change, as soon as the time is ready. So be patient and trust yourself. Learn everything about your physical, emotional, and mental body you need to know. This is the best and most effective way to deal with true awakenings.

Also, get to know your higher mind and the higher energy systems, so you will always be keeping a balance of earth and heaven.

In summer 2020 in beautiful Cyprus mountains, I also recorded my first video about my sudden spiritual awakening, which I had several years ago. I wasn’t confident to talk about it until now because a lot of pieces in the puzzle were missing to report my experiences wholeheartedly, authentic, and accurate.

You should watch my video, which is complementary for this section, ‘Signs and Stages for Spiritual Awakening,’ here.

Spiritual Awakening and Relationships

Spiritual Awakening Symptoms and Relationships

Human relationships, aren’t they unique? I promise you, after your spiritual awakening, they are more memorable!

I already have written that in sudden awakenings, the bedrock of your belief system change. This has enormous implications for all your human relationships because friends, family, and partners may not be happy about your new belief systems. And it doesn’t matter if you read this article because you want to achieve enlightenment or not, because anyway, it will happen suddenly and spontaneously.

I can only talk about my experiences here. Within the last 4 years, it just happened that my complete friends shifted to other friends, and lately, I also separated with my partner because the differences in lifestyle and what we dreamed of in life weren’t holding us together anymore.

So yes, spiritual awakening can cause marriage problems. Yes, it can happen that you spiritually awaken, and you go through a divorce.

But what truly matters is how you deal with your challenges and how your attitude towards those challenges are. You can’t fight against your new belief systems that expanded your worldview, as you can’t control and want to support others in their awakening process. They might never have an awakening in their life, and you may try to force them to change their bedrocks of beliefs. This will only hurt your relationship.

So, you have to make courageous decisions, now more than ever before. And believe me, they will be hugely rewarding for you, as long as they come from the heart.

You are also not responsible, how others react to your awakening and decisions. Adverse reactions and blame will only unveil others true identity, which you could not see until now. So better be stable, stay in your roots, and move forward with all of your Divine’s heart and will.

If I learned one fact in life, it is that I am not able to change others against their will. This would only create extreme turbulences later on, and it will create a feedback loop, in which both will be entangled.

Others have to be willing to change their life. I may give guidance to some extend or teach tools and techniques; however, they have to move forward.

Who are Spiritual Awakening Teachers?

Eckart Tolle and the Power of Now

For me, the well-known spiritual teacher Eckart Tolle is an embodiment of those higher spiritual teachings about the timeless state of the now. He described this wonderfully in his bestseller ‘The Power of Now,’ which is probably the most translated spiritual awakening book of our era.

Dr. Joe Dispenza and Become Supernatural

I love the story of Dr. Joe Dispenza and his magical healing of his seemingly impossible to heal the injury of his back.

Here is his video story:

In his bestseller book, ‘Become Supernatural,’ there are many ordinary people, like you and me, talking about how they are achieved the uncommon.

Dr. Bruce Lipton and Biology of Belief

Dr. Bruce Lipton is an amazing being! How can you hate this guy?  In his bestselling book, ‘Biology of Belief’ he shares his stories about his spiritual awakening. For a long time, he was an ordinary scientist, until he discovered that we can change our genetics and that we are NOT victims of our genes. I loved his book and story, and it is a different story about spiritual awakening. 

11 Spiritual Awakening Quotes

  1. “It is through gratitude for the present moment that the spiritual dimension of life opens up.” – Eckhart Tolle
  2. “Some changes look negative on the surface, but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.” – Eckhart Tolle
  3. “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” – Albert Einstein
  4. “The spiritual journey is individual, highly personal. It can’t be organized or regulated. It isn’t true that everyone should follow one path. Listen to your own truth.” – Ram Dass
  5. “Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” – G. Jung
  6. “First, we become aware of that which is Divine around us. Then we become aware of that which is Divine within us. Finally, we become aware that all is Divine and that there is nothing else. This is the moment of our awakening.”- Neale Donald Walsch
  7. “Awakening is not changing who you are but discarding who you are not.” – Deepak Chopra
  8. “You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?” – Rumi
  9. “Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.” – Leonardo da Vinci
  10. “I’m merely saying that there is a way to be sane. I’m saying that you can get rid of all this insanity created by the past in you, just by being a simple witness of your thought processes.It is simply sitting silently, witnessing the thoughts passing before you. Just witnessing, not interfering, not even judging, because the moment you judge, you have lost the pure witness. The moment you say “this is good, this is bad,” you have already jumped onto the thought process.It takes a little time to create a gap between the witness and the mind. Once the gap is there, you are in for a great surprise, that you are not the mind, that you are the witness, a watcher.And this process of watching is the very alchemy of real religion. Because as you become more and more deeply rooted in witnessing, thoughts start disappearing. You are, but the mind is utterly empty.That’s the moment of enlightenment. That is the moment that you become for the first time, an unconditioned, sane, really free human being.” – Osho
  11. “Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.” – Ramana Maharshi 

7 Spiritual Awakening Books

1. The Power of Now

spiritual awakening books Eckhart Tolle The Power Of Now

2. Becoming Supernatural

spiritual awakening book joe dispenza

3. Biology of Belief

spiritual awakening process

4. The Book of Awakening

the book of awakening

5. The Body Keeps the Score

6. The Untethered Soul

Spiritual Awakening Signs The Untethered Soul

7. The Magus of Strovolos

The Magus of Strovolos for spiritual Awakening

FAQ for Spiritual Awakening 

What are Spiritual Awakening Symptoms?

First of all, we notice a shift in perception. This can happen already days or weeks before an actual awakening experience. For me, this happened 6 days before the actual event. I was never so excited in my whole life, while at the same time being afraid. Very paradoxically and confusing states of consciousness.

What happens in spiritual awakening in the body? What are the physical symptoms of spiritual awakening?

The actual spiritual awakening symptoms on a physical level can be a feeling of lightness, excitement, warmth, or heat, and it can lead to goosebumps, rapture, ecstatic states, and a sense of being home, peace, and vastly opening of inner space, like the universe is opening up within.

There may and will also be many other symptoms, which I am not aware of up to date. Please share your experience in the comments below!

When we have the spiritual awakening symptoms, our seven chakras open up, and the meridians system completely actives. This is considered to be Kundalini.

So, in my personal opinion, spiritual awakening goes hand in hand with sudden enlightenment. In the phase of lightening up, we receive new expanding streams of energy into ourselves. This activates sensitive areas in our whole system and causes the Kundalini awakening. 

What is the Duration of a Spiritual Awakening?

This always depends on what we believe to be the duration of a spiritual awakening. I heard about experiences that stayed for several days, in which universal information was crystal clear and was able to flow into the person. My initial sudden awakening was about an hour, in which I had a blissful state of rapture and a heightened state of physical sensations.

There may and will also be many other timeframes, which I am not aware of up to date. Please share your experience in the comments below!

Can it happen that I had a Spiritual Awakening and now a Depression?

 I have already written in the spiritual awakening stage three (Readjustment Stage) about the implications of sudden spiritual awakenings.

So, yes, we may be in a state of depression at some point after our awakening. Awakening is not an experience that will shield us from humanity’s pain body and suffering. This is important to understand.

When we have sudden spiritual awakenings, more than ever before, we open ourselves to collective energies. When we open up, we may feel the collective suffering and pain, which can be challenging. This does NOT MEAN that you, as an individual, are in suffer or pain.

Every time you feel depressed – ask yourself; whether this is from the collective pain body. And take responsibility and patience to deal with this new challenge.

We should also talk about “what’s depression.” I heard about depression is simply compression! Please reread this.

Depression is compression!  

This means that you access a lot more information than you should allow yourself to access. Those emotional and mental turbulences should not be just oppressed because they will always surface again. But this is the typical reaction of human beings right now! When you suppress them, they will come to the surface again, more robust and stronger, like a negative feedback loop.

When you feel depressed, just reflect, “Ahh, wait for a second!!! Somehow on an emotional and mental level, too much stress and information want to be expressed! I decide to let this settle down in Love and peace, I will never fight this, and this compression is a new sign for me to learn and remember who I truly am.

Believe me, the more trained you are, the less you will ever again depressed. Maybe there comes compression, but not any more depression!

Can it happen that I had a Spiritual Awakening and Can’t Sleep?

 Yes, it can happen. And yes, this can also be the cause of the tiredness and depressed feeling. I am no doctor, so I can’t say what is the exact cause. I experience up until today, a very mixed sleeping rhythm. But it never happened to me that I could not sleep for days, for example.

Even in my sudden spiritual awakening, I was able to sleep long enough. You just cannot let fears control you if you, for example, fear the darkness or sleep. You have to discover the negative beliefs that convince you that the night is evil or dangerous. You have to let go of those and similar limiting beliefs that just do not make any sense.

Can Spiritual Awakening Make You Tired? 

Spiritual awakening can be tiring because you access more conscious awareness, and your body needs to readjust, relax, and rest. I was exhausted after my actual awakening experience.

It is nothing to worry about, and this stage will soon be over within a day or two. You just have to be able to let go. No worries, no doubts or fears. Never believe the belief systems that wish to make you tired all the time.

Most of the tiredness in our society is coming from bad or wrong food consumption. So, maybe it is a great time to analyze and change your food behavior. I can highly recommend a raw vegan week from time to time.

healthy eating

We clean, repair our coffee machine and car, but we are not willing to clean our stomach a week. We have to reconsider the importance of our physical bodies. When we spiritually awaken, we soon understand how sacred the body truly is.

Can Spiritual Awakening come from Alcohol? 

Why did I include this question? No idea! Hahaha – no, seriously, I have never heard of a case that spiritual awakening was triggered from Alcohol.

I have friends who attended spiritual retreats to take Ayahuasca, a shamanic alchemical natural mix of herbs to open up the psychic awakening states; this may be something in which you access information that was not available before you trigger your spiritual awakening. From zero to hero.

I never took drugs, so I am not a fan of recommending any of them. I love to access my higher levels of consciousness naturally. 

Can Spiritual Awakening Cause Dizziness? 

In the readjustment phase directly at the present moment of the sudden spiritual awakening, this can be the case because you adjust to a different level of conscious awareness.

For me, I would not say I felt dizzy. However, my perception changed. This is also something you should probably not be too worried about, which is just another attempt of one of your limiting beliefs to convince you to not change them.

Simultaneously, if you feel really bad or dizzy and this is not going away, I would consult a professional! This is entirely your responsibility.

Can Spiritual Awakening Cause Headaches?

I never experience headaches; however, every personality is different! So, consult a professional if you have severe and prolonged headaches.

What always helps a little bit is to deeply breathe in and out into your belly button. To circulate and relax your whole system. To shift your focus away from the pain in the head. That is what I am doing when I have a headache.

Most of the time, I know my headaches come from the back of a weird and wrong sleeping position. So, it is also all about how you can read or scan your body. 

Can it happen that I had a Spiritual Awakening and Can’t Focus?

 Your mental ability and quality will be transmuted in a spiritual awakening. This may cause more thoughts for some time, which may cause a lack of focus.

The importance is that you never identify with your thoughts. Let them appear, observe them, and let them go again. Meditation was my significant learning curve to be in peace with all thoughts.

It took me 3 years to learn this. So be patient and learn to meditate, because it makes a massive difference for your mental health. 

Thanks so much for reading my article about spiritual awakening. Please leave a comment below and share your experiences.

With Love,


Job Change into Vocation – 5 Steps to Let Go of Your Frustrated Job!


This article is also available in: 🇩🇪Deutsch (German)

Who does not know it? Just started in a new job and already the first colleagues are stressing.

Most of the time you can’t choose the people to work with. One of the challenges as an employee.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to start your journey directly to become an entrepreneur or self-employed person, because they also have massive challenges.

It also means that you first have to find out what you need and what is good for you.

Maybe you need annoying colleagues who show you your fearful issues so that you can let them go.

But maybe not!

Only you know that for sure.

This article is about how to live your vocation with a job change in 5 steps.

Because your job has been bugging you for too long! So, let’s go and live your vocation with a job change soon! It is time for your job to change into a vocation!

1. Admitting that Your Job is no Longer Satisfying

Congratulations. Since you are reading this article, you have mastered step one with excellence! Maybe not 100% yet but already 95%.

The first step is, to be honest with yourself and to be able to say: No longer with me! There has to be a change!

This often leads to anger, stress, and fear. How should you cope with all this?

There are 5% … self-doubts!

If you have overcome these self-doubts and are already looking for new solutions, you can be proud of yourself. Because even today many people expand this 5% self-doubt to 95% and reduce the chances for new solutions to 5%.

Makes sense of course!

So if your job is not fun, joyful, and enriching (more than 70% of the job content), then you should urgently find alternative solutions.

Initiate your change, by finding alternatives to your job!

2. Find New Possibilities

Maybe you have already found alternatives and the job change has not been matched with the fun, joy, and enrichment. Maybe you have already been to new jobs very often!

I would like to share with you in the article what is important to live in your vocation after the job change or how I love to tell it – ‘Job change into vocation’.

Then there is a very high probability that you will not change your job anymore. On principle! Because if it gives you joy and you can grow in the long run, why should you change?

Maybe you will turn your job into a vocation even faster than you thought.

Here at step 2, it is important to look for solutions not only on the outside but especially on the inside. Ask yourself why…

… you were so unhappy at your previous job. Was it the one colleague who constantly annoyed you or is it possible that you are still allowed to work on your inner self?

But with why-questions, we often just don’t progress.

So, go within and see which qualities and abilities were also in demand in your job. Maybe it just didn’t suit you to be able to work joyfully and enthusiastically.

There can be so many different reasons for this.

Practically speaking, you have an endless choice in your job search with LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Monster, Facebook, and all other social and business networks. Besides, there are job agencies and other online platforms.

So, there is no reason to tell yourself that there is no more suitable job or profession.

Your life is hidden abundance, also in the job area.

3. Attracting the Best Environment and Perfect Job

To live your vocation after the job change, you also need to understand the limiting beliefs that you have activated within you. This is key for your job change into a vocation!

I have written a detailed article about this. If you have not yet dealt with your beliefs, please read here how you can change them for yourself.

In the short version, these are beliefs you have about yourself and the world. These beliefs lead to your emotional states and negative thought constructs that you have about yourself and others.

If you want to live your vocation with the perfect job change, then this only works if you also look at what other convictions are still running in you, which brings you again and again into unsatisfactory job situations.

A part of our life’s work and soul purpose for all of us is to increase our quality of life. For this purpose, you are encouraged to deal with yourself.

Then you will also draw more joyful and beautiful surroundings in your life. Starting with your friends, to your colleagues, and business partners.

The more aware you are, the clearer you judge the people in your environment, and the faster you make decisions that will give you a higher quality of life.

4. Embody Your Qualities and Abilities in Your New Job!

To be more aware of yourself, you must know your strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly, you must be aware of the unique qualities of your consciousness and your abilities.

For this purpose, I have created a self-check, which you can perform here. The self-check takes about 15 minutes.

If you know your qualities, you can decide more clearly which steps are the next best steps.

Maybe you have reached a point where you realize that life as an employee does not suit you. Then take the next steps.

Maybe you have reached a point where you realize that life as a car mechanic does not suit you, but you want to stay employed. Then take the next steps.

Maybe you have reached a point where you realize that life as an entrepreneur no longer suits you. Then take the next steps.

All this is only possible if you are aware of your qualities and abilities. Then you are self-confident, self-assured, and clear in your decisions.

What will otherwise be your reality?

XY tells you what to do, think, and feel.

Then you are moved from job A to job B without realizing that you don’t want to work as an employee anymore as an example. In this way, we remain caught in our mediocrity, which we have been conditioned by our education system since early on.

I just noticed how close the word ‘school system’ is to the ‘debt system’. What a wonderful ‘coincidence’. (only in German – Schul – and Schuldsystem)

So, both the school system and the debt system probably still influence you today.

You are a victim of these systems or you use the systems to your advantage (abuse the system). There is no good or bad here. If we are honest with ourselves, we are victims or abusers in our society. The crucial thing is that even the victim is an abuser because without the victim there could be no abusers at all.

What abilities and qualities could you possess?

Here are 5 job-related abilities and also 5 qualities of consciousness listed.

5 Job-related Abilities

  • Craft skills / good dexterity (special ability)
  • Creativity – very high imagination
  • Quick decision making
  • To always be calm and relaxed
  • Ability to work in a team – The leader in the team

5 Qualities of Consciousness

  • Quality of Peace
  • Quality of Love
  • Quality of Compassion
  • Quality of Creativity
  • Quality to Forgive

You will find more abilities and qualities in your self-check.

5. Start Your Vocation and Gain Experience

Your change of job and living your vocation can go hand in hand. The vocation does not have to be a new job as an employee! So take a close look at what you enjoy most. Often it is also very intelligent to get by in your job for a few more months and in the meantime create something new or discover something new.

If you know what environment and surroundings you want to attract.

If you know who you want to work with.

If you are more aware of your abilities and qualities and you have a chance to change jobs, then make it happen.

Feel from your heart if the job change enriches you and your being. Don’t analyze too much whether it is the right time or whether it is not the right job after all. Your mind is not made to make these decisions for you. Only your heart has this possibility.

And remember: Anytime you feel tensions in your life, you can be sure that your mind influences you too much. So, listen to your heart, which is always light and gentle. And if it feels too heavy and you feel powerless, change it by changing the limiting beliefs that do not allow you to be active on this level.

Be aware that you have created any limiting beliefs yourself and that they had a right to exist at the time of their activation.

But also, be aware that we live in a time that today is no longer as it was 40,000 years ago.

Also, be aware that you have the power to let go and change all the beliefs that limit you in love.

And above all, be aware that the 70 trillion cells within, are working in cooperation and are only waiting, for you to have the confidence to make joyful changes.

So, what are you waiting for, if you won’t job change into your vocation now, you might never?

Be sure to write your questions that appear in the comments below.

With love,

Dominik Porsche