What are the Akashic Records? A Great Revelation

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As a spiritual seeker, at some point, you stumble upon the Akashic Records, a term frequently used in esoteric circles.

But what are the Akashic Records? Does it exist, or is it just hocus-pocus? How can you read the Akashic Records? Where are the Akashic Records located?

In this article, I will answer many of your questions and tell you about my great revelation about the Akashic Records and how they can help you achieve peace, abundance, and freedom in all areas of your life.


1. Akashic Records Explanation
2. The Morphogenetic Field
3. Akashic Records Experiences
4. Reading Your Own Akashic Records
5. Akasha Records and Healing
6. Akasha Records and Soul Purpose
7. FAQ Akashic Records – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Akashic Records Explanation

1. Akashic Records Explanation

The Akashic Records are a mystery, often described as a supernatural “book of life” where all information is stored.

In this article, we will both look at the Akashic Records mystically and pragmatically.

You can view all information stored in this “book of life” differently.

Aren’t you accessing the Akashic Records at this very moment with my article?

This information poured through me and was a significant enrichment and revelation for me.

Maybe it is also for you? Pause and reflect upon it.

With all its facets of information, who says our Internet is not also a part of this Akashic Records?

Often we put the “supernatural” and the “divine” on a pedestal, which is not accessible to us. What if you are the divine or the supernatural?

My realization: Just as you are a drop in the ocean, you are the ocean. The drop and the ocean are not separable. They are connected; they are one.

Then you could also ask yourself the following question.

Do you not read in and from the Akashic Records all times, even if you are not a medium or a psychic? In other words; Is there a moment in your life when you do not read from the Akashic Records?

This revelation and thought patterns are what society needs today.

Let’s check how you can use this extraordinary revelation for yourself.

Matthias De Stefano, one of the emerging consciousness researchers and teachers of our time, writes in collaboration with his higher self about the Akashic Chronicle in his article about the eighth dimension. Be sure to check him out after reading this article!

From Matthias De Stefano’s perspective, the Akashic Chronicle is in the eighth dimension, like a register that stores and processes all data. Figuratively speaking, the eighth dimension is one of the three dimensions of the process, just like the second and fourth dimensions. The reality plane from the eighth dimension is visually a torus that moves energies endlessly and timelessly like an eight (8). You could also describe it as the ocean of all possibilities or as in the next point – the morphogenetic field.

2. The Morphogenetic Field

Morphogenetic Field

If the Akashic Records are the book of life, storing all information, isn’t it also part of the morphogenetic field related to Rupert Sheldrake’s studies?

My thoughts on this:

The Akashic Records have many names in God and “All That Is.” They are the data storage of “All That Is” in its infinite manifoldness. Every thought you utter, every emotion and sensation that arises in you is stored in the Akashic Records and the morphogenetic field.

The morphogenetic field also has many other names, such as the quantum field in modern physics, and is associated with black matter.

Just as the ocean and the drop of water are inseparable, the Akashic Records’ quantum field is inseparable. The quantum field is the network, and the Akashic Records stores the network’s information or data. The two are inseparable.

All information to which we seem to have no access is part of this information field. In quantum physics, it is said that we consist of only 0.00000001% matter and 99.9999999% of the information. This information is invisible to our physical eye.

In fact, each piece of information is related to another piece of information. The information of the relationship with your mother is different from that of your father. The information of the relation to your brother is another one as to your sister.

The morphogenetic field is alive and highly intelligent. This information field changes every atomic second and in the timeless spheres that are unknown to us. The morphogenetic field is timeless with infinite information fields of relationships, similar to the movie Interstellar. In the movie, accessing information from the 5th dimension was wonderfully illustrated. I highly recommend Interstellar to you!

Since this field is timeless, you can access past events as well as future events. This past and future are mostly related to you and your relationships rather than to others’ events and their relationships.

That is why it is so beautifully said, find peace within yourself, and you heal the world. For this, you don’t need to heal or change anyone else besides you.

It is enough to heal your relationship with the information field. You will also perceive the relationship to all people around you from a higher perspective, from true love.

3. Akashic Records Experiences

Akashic Records Experiences

Also, I would like to briefly discuss the Akashic Records experiences of others and how they relate to you and your environment.

The problem with experiences from this unknown terrain is that we cannot confirm them with modern science. The experiences from the Akashic Records and the Quantum Field are highly individual and intelligent. Depending on your worldview and individual beliefs, you perceive experiences from the quantum field differently.

What is highly negative emotionally for you may be emotionally neutral or even paradoxically positive for other people.

I believe that it is beautiful to look at the experiences of others without judging or condemning them. This connection to the field helps to recognize how we all perceive the universe differently.

After all, who can judge whether your experience represents a universal truth in our universe?

An experience is always an experience. It is personal. It is beautiful. That’s how you can look at it.

As soon as you tell yourself that any experience is an absolute truth, you cut yourself off from any process of change.

Therefore, learn to connect more and more with yourself to read from your own Akashic Records.

How this works, you will learn in the next chapter.

4. Reading Your Own Akashic Records

Reading Your Own Akashic Records

What a medium or a spiritual healer tells you about the Akashic Records will be filtered through your limiting beliefs. That is why your inner work is so important, because only when you get to know and let go of your demons will you be able to read your own Akashic Records and perceive I information with clarity.

Whether you read your own Akashic Records or a medium takes over this task, the information will be similarly filtered or unfiltered.

That means that a medium can be an excellent guide for learning about these unknown new spheres and navigating these fields.

Please don’t ask me how I know this. I navigate the quantum field just as much with my experience and intelligence as you are by reading this article. There is no difference here. We perceive the information differently.

My article’s goal is to open you up more to the subject and show you that there is no force outside of your power through which you can access the field. You also have access to your Akashic Records at any time. The question is, how limited or restricted your access is and what is necessary for you at the moment and is provided to you as information.

Besides, we as humans cannot experience all information at the same time – that would be very inconvenient for your Soul Purpose as a human being. Focus on the information that corresponds to your Soul Purpose, that gives you energy and lets you enjoy your life to the fullest.

5. Akashic Reading and Healing

Akashic Reading Healing

The Akasha Records and healing are very closely connected. With your experience treasures in your life years 15 – 21 (mental development), 8 – 14 (emotional development), 0 – 7 (physical development), and the prenatal phase, you have collected many experiences.

Like an oak tree, you have put down roots underground for decades, which are hidden from you in the dark. All these experiences are valuable treasures from which you may learn. Most of these experiences are hidden from you until you are ready to grow from them. It takes courage, trust, and curiosity for you to face these experiences from your subconscious.

Each page you open in your Akashic Records Life Book will lead to unlocking more profound inner knowledge and intelligence.

Each root you learn from your oak tree will help you connect more deeply with the Akashic Records. And than there will be the time, you will see the oak tree blossoming in all its divine beauty.

Once you activated neural networks that are deactivated for a long time, you will gain access outside of your present life to your entire personality.

A whole new world will open up for you to discover. You will unveil and know how to use new abilities completely absent from you until now, as it was and still is the case with me.

6. Akashic Records and Soul Purpose

Soul Purpose

Your Soul Purpose is stored in the Akashic Records as a to-do or task that only you have access to. You have access to this information as soon as you are ready. Likewise, with your free will, you can ask a medium to read it to you.

Know, however, that only you can explore and experience your Soul Purpose or Mission in Life 100%. So the information of a medium can confuse you as much as it may help you.

It all depends on your level of personality and individuality.

The Soul Purpose is from your higher nature (individuality) and not from the lower nature (personality). As long as your master is your lower nature, you won’t have access to your true Soul Purpose.

No matter what someone else tells you, you are perfect just the way you are. No matter how deep the trust in your source has diminished, you still have the connection to that source. No matter how great the shadow, light shines through.

If you open a door in a dark room, what happens.

Does the shadow jump into the light, or does light spread into the darkroom?

The light enters the darkroom!

Your Soul Purpose is in the darkness, simply waiting to be rediscovered by you. Your soul is only waiting for you to wake up and dare to step into the darkness. Your soul waits only for the fact that you open the door to the dark space.

Step by step.

Patience is the gift that will help you the fastest here because part of every Soul Purpose is to decipher that Soul Purpose. So take your time to discover and embody your true purpose in life because the ego loves to build traps – which are merely the illusion.

7. FAQ Akashic Records – Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are like the Book of Life, in which all information is stored. Every day you already have access to this book of life, but very limited. As the Internet needs a network with data transmitters, the universe needs networks (quantum fields) with data transmitters (Akasha Records). The example is strongly simplified because we can understand it the best from our physical mind.

What is written in the Akashic Records?

In the Akashic Records, all information is written; you can imagine it like an infinite book. Information may or may not be linked to relationships. Information includes all thoughts, emotions, feelings and beliefs, perceptions, and karmic connections as we know them, as well as all information that has no relevance for us.

Who can read the Akashic Records?

In general, everyone reads from the Akashic Records, whether consciously or unconsciously. Some information is decipherable for you, and some are not. There are people, like channeling mediums, who have far more access than the average. Why? These personalities have dealt with it more, and in the current stage of life, this has a higher relevance for them. For you and your Soul Purpose, more comprehensive information may have less relevance. That is entirely alone your territory of discovery.

Where are the Akashic Records located?

Everywhere and nowhere. That is the answer I have received. The answer is a paradox. Simultaneously, the answer I received shows that the Akashic Records is within us – in every single cell. The Akashic Records is not beyond your comprehension.

Can a medium read the Akashic Records?

A medium has more clarity reading the Akashic Records. But you also have the clarity that is currently just right for you to experience your world. A medium is, for me, a being that does not make “future predictions” but accompanies a person on his journey with viewpoints. Therefore, an excellent and pure medium will, at any time, retrieve and pass on the information that you are already aware of.

Is there a science to the Akashic Records?

There is no official science on Akasha Records yet. However, more scientists are looking at the universe from the perspective of quantum fields and the morphogenetic field, such as Rupert Sheldrake and Nassim Haramein. From the fractals and the holographic universe perspective, it is easier to see all information connected to our DNA and how we can outgrow our evolution and beyond.

What questions do I ask in the Akashic Records?

It’s best to ask yourself questions that are directly related to you. For example: What is my purpose in life? Why am I here? What is my purpose here? You have probably asked yourself all these questions many times. Your life path and the daily challenges and new decisions you make strongly influence your access to the Akashic Records. I would advise you not to ask questions that increase your ego because everything in our universe is cause and effect. Just as there are forces that bring you closer to yourself, there are forces that separate you further. Therefore, you can also use a question like; What information from the Akashic Records helps me and others to increase our quality of life? As a confirmation to the question, you can also ask the question – Is my question 51% or more from the pure light and love?

My Conclusion For You

Finally, I would like to share with you that it is always a question of human language, to what extent we can read something from the Akashic Records. Since most people have developed the logical brain hemisphere more strongly through the education system, many people have limited access to the Akashic Records.

We have never learned to feel with our eyes, hear with our mouth or see with our ears.

Just as a blind person is blind, we are blind to infinite perception levels beyond our five senses. A blind person perceives the world differently. He has learned to see with his ears or mouth and is also aware of other realities that we are not aware of.

You could say a blind person is less blind of the higher realities, because he is not identified with his physical eyes.

One of your responsibilities is to learn to free yourself from your five senses to gain access to additional senses.

Liberation in this context does not mean that you should not use the five senses, but that you know that your five senses’ perception is your perception and cannot be compared to the perception of others or a general reality.

This wisdom in the article is the first step to read more from the Akashic Records.

This is the art of unlearning.

Learn to forget what you have learned, to experience what you have not yet experienced.

I am grateful that you read this article because it shows your inner commitment! It is not always easy to forgive and being humble.

However, the gifts and fruits given to those who courageously shatter their old worldview transcend all forms of negativity.

Consider having a look at my blog and articles. Write a comment below. Ask a question, share your contemplation, or share feedback from your heart.

All the Love,

Your Dominik

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