7 Ways to Raise Your Vibration & Frequency

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Since millennials, people want to know the secrets of raising vibrations to manifest, heal and transcend themselves.

We live in an influential century for the direction of the great change. Will we embody our inner core, the heart, and the Love of humanity, or will we continue to embody our separation, ignorance, and the greed of humanity?

More people awake in challenging times, and others hold onto their reality for life. Can we genuinely judge about existence of humanity?

I guess we do not understand existence enough to judge objectively. So, the best way to achieve understanding is to raise your vibration into higher states of consciousness. By doing that, you will open to different perceptions and experiences.

This article aims to accelerate your process of re-orientation, remembrance, and reunification with the whole. Each step below includes several contemplation questions for you. 

1. Pathway of Nutrition
2. Pathway of Movement
3. Pathway of Meditation
4. Pathway of Contemplation
5. Pathway of Self-Inquiry
6. Pathway of Prayer
7. Pathway of Mindfulness

All the seven ways to raise your vibration thrive best in life experience, inner-reflection, and patience. If you force yourself into any activity, you can assume that it is not your passion and most straightforward approach.

I love the saying, “Easy is right,” and that approach is the article’s philosophy. Easy is right does not mean staying in your comfort zone and being comfortable.

Essential “Easy is right” means breaking out of old limited belief patterns and conditions. For that, you need patience, strength, and commitment, embraced in lightness. It is essential to be in a natural flow of life to raise your vibration.

So, allow yourself to contemplate this journey for the seven ways to raise your vibration to higher consciousness and healing your history.

1. Pathway of Nutrition

higher vibration frequency with nutrition

We all know how vital nutrition’s are.

So, can there be a better way than to start at the mineral essence of water and food?

Probably not.

I experienced on a cellular level that food and water consumption are the simplest things to do to raise your vibration. At the same time, nutrition seems to be the hardest thing to accomplish for many too.

How comes?

We love to distract ourselves from all the addictions in the inner and outer world.

Food, drugs, and sweetened drinks are the primary addictions and distractions away from all the suffering and pain.

Are you an exception to those outer distractions?

Maybe you are; I am not here to judge – that is your job, the job of being honest with yourself.

Let us imagine you are not an exception because, at the deepest levels of the ego, veganism and other diets can be triggered by fear.

The fear of rejection, guilt, shame, and death are some examples that could trigger to start a diet beyond the norm of society.

In this case, we may not be addicted to sugar, snacks, alcohol anymore. But in this reactive nature, we are addicted to escape from our core fears.

So, do you react? Are you not addicted to escaping the suffering and distractions of the world?

Just listen within and receive your body wisdom.

What is my experience with nutrition?

Three words. Chaotic! Turbulent! Forgetting!

I experienced several stages in my life of being overweight from a young age until now. The boomerang effect became like a companion, visiting me repeatedly.

While I write this article, I am in one of those stages of an unhealthier lifestyle.

What is my learning?

I need to learn that it does not help to repress or numb the suffering and pain, and it also does not help to react (fear of shame) in my case. Often, I forgot about my physical body ideals and dreams, it gets emotional, turbulent and the chaos thrives me into all sorts of negative nutrition patterns.

At the same time, I know that I am closer than ever to let go of my environmental conditions and negative loops. I must choose another path, the pathway of not fighting against the weight and society anymore. It is more about accepting and embracing my current weight, my roots, and strong ideals.

As explained in my diary: 3 Amazing Effects on Your Soul & Psyche After Only 1 Week of Raw Vegan Food , the effects to increase my vibration thought the mindful change of nutrition’s were extraordinary.

So why should it be different for you?

Nutrition Contemplation to Raise Your Vibration:

  • Are you healthy and in flow with the natural flood and ebb of life?
  • Can you accept and allow the lifestyle of others?
  • Do you feel the need to change the nutrition lifestyle of others?
  • Do you feel the need to be right in nutrition discussions?
  • What was the reason or what is the valid reason for the change of your nutrition – fighting against something (weight, society) or being for something (animal health, more clarity for self-inquiry)?

Nutrition Tips to Raise Your Vibration:

  • Less is more. What does your body need?
  • Be mindful while consuming food and drinks. Notice what your body wisdom is telling you.
  • Stop criticizing and judging others in nutrition conversations. Understand other motives and be there for them! Also, explain why you changed your nutrition without putting your worldview onto the other.

Important note: Nutrition can be seen from so many different perspectives. Did you ever think about mental and emotional forms of nutrition? Emotional forms of nutrition are water-based and mental forms of nutrition are air-based. Time to be grateful for the fresh air; we all need to keep on breathing and living. Also, psychedelics are a form of nutrition. I am writing about psychedelics because they seem relevant to mention here. I love a different approach – without them. I am a music, art, contemplation, prayer, and meditation lover – those are my “positive psychedelics.”

2. Pathway of Movement

movement for higher self frequency

The second way to raise your vibration and frequency is movement. I choose movement because it is an open-minded word for this intensely physical pathway to raise positive vibrations.

Movements can be related to sports, gardening, housework, having a walk, and physical work.

It is about discovering self-love within your body and being grateful for being in the body. It is also about grounding your divinity in the physical body.

People claim the spiritual journey and awakening are all about ascension. Cannot it be that our physical journey is all about the beauty and mystery of descension? The journey of bringing heaven to earth.

In my life, I always thrive in physical movement. I forget all the worries because I am fully in the present moment. I see it as my daily balancing act of physical movements and mental activities.

Movement Contemplation to Raise Your Vibration:

  • What do you love most about movements?
  • In which activities can you be in a state of mindful movement?
  • Should you have challenges or fears with specific movements, which limited belief is holding you back to break out of this pattern?

Movement Tips to Raise Your Vibration:

  • Rule 1: Listen to your body. Test your limits and be aware of your whole system’s signals, knees, muscles, and nerves. If you do not listen and your ego overtakes, it may lead to injuries, and you will need to stop specific movements for a period.
  • Do movements you love and enjoy and leave your comfort zone. It is all about doing the easy, not comfortable. Easy is right.

Important note: Movement is energy and lifeforce. Everything in the universe is in constant movement. From the atoms to the molecules and cells, everything spins. Remember that movement can be so much more than we are conditioned to believe in the world. In truth, all the seven ways to raise your vibration are pathways of sub-atomic micro and cellular macro movements.

3. Pathway of Meditation

meditation for higher vibration

The third way to raise your vibration is Meditation. In a way, meditations are also part of the second way of movement, but meditating is more about silent movement and observing your physical, emotional, and mental body in stillness.

What are the types of meditations to increase your vibration?

Guided Meditations help you for the power of imagination. To imagine something is far from fantasy which is a lower shadow pattern. Imagination is the quality to see events with clarity. Furthermore, imagination is the quality that needs clarity, a peaceful mind, and focus. Focus itself needs a higher frequency.

Meditations are limitless in the art of creation. Taking some deep breaths in and out in between your work cycles can give you a higher form of clarity and raise your vibration frequency. It is like training a muscle. We must create a sustainable habit.

That is why meditations are so powerful and beneficial. They help you relax your nervous system from daily life’s input and bring you into a flow state.

Inner and outer work have similar conditions to raise your vibration. While inner work requires space and time to be aware of the stillness and observe thought-forms, emotions, and your physical condition, outer work requires space and time to go out and manifest your soul imaginations into the matter.

Meditation is the most accepted form of inner work in our century, and like all forms of inner work, meditations are limitless in depth. It all depends on the level of your commitment, curiosity, self-awareness, and patience.

Meditations are not a sprint; they are a marathon!

Meditation Contemplation to Raise Your Vibration:

  • Which Meditation brings you into balance now?
  • Can you allow, accept, and embrace all thought-forms in meditations and let them go with ease?
  • How often do you meditate daily, and what is the best and easiest way to include meditation practice in your daily life?

Meditation Tips to Raise Your Vibration:

  • If you believe you do not have time for meditations, meditate before sleep and after waking up. Morning and Night Meditation will not cause you to fear daily schedule issues. You can sleep 30-60 minutes less in the morning because the Meditation has a profound physical relaxation effect, and your mind is softly “booted” like a computer. After the Meditation, you will feel more fresh and ready to go. This routine is a perfect daily reconditioning strategy to raise your vibration.
  • When you fall asleep while meditating, for me, this causes less clarity and lower vibration. So, make sure you stay awake and meditate in the lotus position or on a chair, for example. I also love to meditate in bed… but I have to say it is not going well in evening or morning sessions because I tend to fall asleep again. Find out what is working best for you.

Important note: Meditations balance your body, mind, and soul. However, to fully harmonize yourself may take years or a lifetime of practice. You cannot effort to expect that you are an exception to this rule. If there is one secret to joyful meditations, do not expect something to happen. Meditations are the balancing act of inner work and outer activities.

4. Pathway of Contemplation

Contemplation to Raise Your Vibration

The Gene Keys Teaching says about contemplation that it utilizes elements of both Concentration (effort) and Meditation (no effort) to bring about an increase of your frequency. This article aims to become aware of contemplations to activate the higher frequencies lying latent within your DNA.

In the Gene keys Approach, “The Art of Contemplation” is one of the key factors to transform shadows into gifts.

How is this possible?

Contemplation is about pausing, pivoting, and merging. You need patience for specific processes in your life. Spiritual awakening and the raising of your vibration are two of those processes.

The higher self and the Divine always precisely know the amount of information that you can process. Often the access to entirely new information means a purification process of the old self and belief system for you.

In essence, contemplation is the art to loosen and change your limited belief systems.

In this purification process, it can seem that you are more in the shadows, in the darkness than in the light of your divine essences.

However, from a higher perspective, this is an illusion.

You may want to help more in the world to make a better world. You begin to see all the horrible and selfish acts in the world more clearly.

Now you observe them with transparency, but they have always been there. This purification process can cause the feeling of everything is worse than it was pre your purification process.

From the core, this illusion is your challenge to overcome.

As soon as you overcome this challenge, you hit a new plateau of vibration. Your trial is acclimating at this higher consciousness level, and no outside agency can be ‘you in the process. You must be you and overcome the challenge. They are your trials.

For sure, others can be a great inspiration and guide, but you must go the path through your trials yourself.

There is this saying in the Gene Keys Teachings.

Each shadow contains a gift.

Your job is to allow the shadows to be accepted as they are and embrace their divinity to be transcended.

Contemplation to Raise Your Vibration:

  • Is my decision 51 percent or more of the Love and light?
  • What plan am I following – my soul and heart(far-sightedness) or the plan of my ego and physical mind (narrow-mindedness)?

Contemplation Tips to Raise Your Vibration:

  • Do not take yourself too seriously. Being openhearted is of the lightness, not of the seriousness.
  • Also, be patient about your process; no one is perfect. We are all on our journey.
  • Stop comparing with others; compare with yourself.
  • Change yourself instead of the wish and wills to change the world.

5. Pathway of Self-Inquiry

Self-Inquiry Tips to Raise Your Vibration

Self-Inquiry is a deep inner journey of self-studies. At the core, with all our life experiences and self-reflection, we learn and grow. Our worldview expands, we trust ourselves and learn from the past, we listen within, and out of this inner curiosity, true self-empowerment is born.

This pathway to raise your vibration is all about discovering the art of being. Out of curiosity for the universe, planet earth, human beings, and all other lifeforms – you open your heart.

First, you open the heart at a personalized level (self-love) and later at a collective level (compassion).

If you are honest, you rarely are fully conscious because the narrow-minded conditioned self takes the lead.

So, how can you change this?

The goal is to recondition yourself from a soul level by changing your negative belief systems into success patterns. By doing so, you may still act out of a condition, but now you act out of a condition you consciously activated to raise your vibration and frequency.

By doing that, the art of self-inquiry, contemplation, and mindfulness interact on all levels. When you start to be honest, courageous, and curious about your inner life – being mindful is no more a fantasy.

Self-Inquiry Contemplation to Raise Your Vibration:

  • Which times in your life do you forget about an openhearted – lighthearted approach full of curiosity?
  • When you shut down your heart, can you locate this sensation or feeling in your physical body?
  • How can you release your tensions, learn from your experiences, and expand the heart of your challenge?

Self-Inquiry Tips to Raise Your Vibration:

  • Be honest with yourself.
  • Discover your inner life playfully and lightheartedly.
  • Projections you send to other human beings arise from within you. They are the insecurities and mechanisms to block deeper self-inquiry. Let them go and observe the lightness of your heart.

Important note: Self-Inquiry is all play and no work. If you manage to observe all stages in your inner and outer life with detachment, the seriousness is no more. One of the most remarkable observations as a human being is the ego-death and the rebirth as an ego-soul being.

6. Pathway of Prayer

Prayer Contemplation to Raise Your Vibration

Daily rituals and prayers have been a part of humanity for a long time. A lot of people think about prayers correlated to religion.

Personally, I disliked prayers for a long time.

So why did I decide to put them in here?

I changed my opinion and worldview for prayers after discovering the higher arts of prayers that directly flow to and off the heart. They can be deeply touching, a blessing.

Depending on your beliefs, you may never open your heart for prayers from a higher dimension. If limiting beliefs stop you from experiencing the beauty of prayers, you will not hear their inner truth full of surrender and devotion.

If this negativity or self-delusion is your status quo, you may hear prayers from organizations that manipulate and distort you.

How do you know if prayers are – fear-based or love-based?

It is easy to discover the difference between prayers from the heart or the ego.

Prayer from the heart opens your heart, thoughts vanish, you feel the beauty of your existence and others, and you feel blessed and touched by grace.

Prayers from the ego close the heart by dividing yourself from the Divine. Until there is a god between you and the Divine, you can never experience the Divine, God, Love, Life, or Existence yourself.

Prayer Contemplation to Raise Your Vibration:

  • When praying – Do you feel embraced, blessed, and welcomed or lost, divided, and misunderstood by life?
  • Which negative beliefs hold you back from pulling prayers and blessings from the unity of the Divine into your life?
  • Remember when you felt grace the last time. It could be the birth of your child or another significant event in your life. As you remember, so it is given. You are in this graceful state, even if it feels different from the time it first flowered. You have changed; you are not the same person anymore. The peace within grace continues to exist within you.

Important note: Prayers are here to understand and experience the Divine; you are a part of the Divine – you are the Divine. Prayers are not here to worship a god outside yourself. All you can sense and feel is a part of you and the Divine.

7. Pathway of Mindfulness

Mindfulness for higher dimensions

Being mindful is about the slow and steady remembering of your Soul Purpose and higher dimensions beyond human consciousness. Being mindful is like bending the rules of spacetime because you open and receive spontaneous revelations about your soul and true self at one point.

This seventh pathway differs from raising your vibration and frequency from the other six. Mindfulness is an underlying quality of the previous six ways. So, the quality of mindfulness is already an expression of a high vibrational frequency.

Before being reminded of who you indeed are, you start in a state of forgetting. Slowly when you start to meditate, contemplate, and open for self-inquiry and pray, you begin to remember.

Those revelations can also be a sudden shock for you!

For example, thousands of near-death experience stories align incredibly well with this forgetting and remembering and the shocks or wake-up calls happening to those people – pre and after such events.

Most people’s life after such an experience completely changes.

To reach a certain level of mindfulness, you must contemplate, listen, and look within.

Important note: Mindfulness is not only about your mental plane and thoughts. It is also about your emotional (feelings) and physical (sensations) plane, a deeper aspect of contemplation and self-inquiry. Ultimately, mindfulness is also remembering about the causal plane (soul) and higher dimensions.

Conclusion for the 7 Pathways to Raise Your Frequency

In the end, you must remember that six ways to raise your vibration are permission slips to remember more of who you already are – the true self.

Nutrition, Movement, Meditation, Contemplation, Self-inquiry, and Prayers help unleash your birthright of freedom and unity.

Mindfulness is already an expression of higher states of consciousness and helps you stay in your open-heartedness of existence. You can only reach the quality of mindfulness when you trust yourself and life.

Furthermore, the quality of mindfulness needs embracing your shadows and allowing your gifts to blossom in the world.

All shadows are the seeds of the expression of a high vibrational frequency. By denying your shadows and the shadows of others, you deny an essential part of your transformational process.

In the Gene Keys Teachings, there is the saying.

Return non-love with Love.
– Richard Rudd

Christ also shared this essence of forgiveness, compassion, and Love.

“Love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you! In that way, you will be acting as true children of your Father in heaven. For he gives his sunlight to both evil and the good, and he sends rain on the just and the unjust alike.”
– Jesus Christ, Matthew 5:43-47

Somewhere between those lines of the Christ lies hidden the chance of the greatest quantum leap to raise your vibration and frequency.

I am grateful that you read this article because it shows your inner commitment! It is not always easy to forgive and being humble.

However, the gifts and fruits given to those who courageously shatter their old worldview transcend all forms of negativity.

Consider having a look at my blog and articles. Write a comment below. Ask a question, share your contemplation, or share feedback from your heart.

All the Love,

Your Dominik

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