Spiritual Money: How to Attract Money from the Heart!


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Why do I personally feel that spirituality and money with financial goals can be harmful? Doesn’t spiritual money go alongside our life’s purpose? How do you attract money? Is attracting money evil or from the devil itself (recent example “might be” the corona virus?)

I know, you might be going to say that we all need financial goals, because Bob Proctor and many great figures in personal development insist on having money goals and luxury goals, right? Besides, they like to say that money is neutral. People then use the money to do either good or evil deeds.

I am not explicitly talking about the Corona virus here, but since the topic from the perspective of fear mongering is 1:1 matching, this article is very valuable, because it shows how dangerous ignorance is.

Don’t worry, I’m not destroying the dreams of a wealthy and extravagant life or possibly taking something away. I wish to enhance your point of view in a magical way.

From a spiritual money point of view, the lack of money is a big issue in our society! Most people would simply love to be in the state to energetically attract money without doing any monotonous physical activity.

But most of the time, our questioning “how to attract money and spiritual money” does affect our journey to prosperity.

This article is about a broader perspective of how to attract money and spiritual money and how we attract money from the heart, exactly what we need.


  1. The 180-degree Turn: The Question of Questions!
  2. Spiritual money: the secret to true prosperity.
  3. Warum setzten wir uns so viele finanzielle Ziele?
  4. Robotic Behaviors vs. Soul’s Mission!
  5. A Mirror Exercise for Home.
  6. How to attract money: examples from the heart!

The 180-Degree Turn: The Question of Questions!

Spiritual Money: How to Attract Money from the Heart!

Please let me turn the wheel 180 degrees:

What’s important is that you just use your number or your visual example of luxury goods for how to attract money or the goods here.

Why exactly do you want to attract 1,577,000 dollars in your account? If you have set yourself this goal, why do you want to earn 157,000 dollars a month? Why do you really want the Porsche 911 GT3RS or the car of your dreams?

Until recently, I also had very detailed financial goals and material goals in the form of dream cars and luxury villas, but then I radically threw them all overboard in 2019 and it is not what you think.


Spirituality and money are distorted by our rationality and our fear of our possible insignificance. How to attract money or spiritual money is therefore such a deceptive undertaking.

You might say, “Then you don’t care now what you achieve in life and how much money you attract in life?” or “Are you now one of the many spiritual people who turn away from the material?”

Yes and no.

Spiritual Money: the Secret to True Prosperity.

Spiritual money: the secret to true prosperity.

My point of view on how to attract money: if we open ourselves to our true purpose and life’s purpose, then the imaginary sums of money in the form of spiritual money will follow and run after us and our bank account!

Perhaps you are thinking now: “Are you crazy, Dominik?! How… I’ll soon be chasing after money and luxury goods; how nice would that be?”

In my opinion, the secret to true prosperity lies hidden in the heart. As soon as we act selflessly from the heart and set goals from the heart, we no longer run after our bank account balance or luxury goods. Spirituality and money thus create a true and heart-based synergy!

“Acting from the heart and according to our worthwhile goals, we will always have the best possible financial supply.”

For the realization and the journey of our life’s purpose and our unique personality, we need different financial means from person to person and the money attraction works by itself in all its facets.

Once we are in our life’s purpose, we will have exactly the amount of spiritual money we need at that moment. This could be 1200 dollars for one person, 3500 dollars for the next, or even up to 150,000 dollars per month, depending on the individual life’s purpose and purpose in life.

Why do we establish so many financial goals?

Why do we establish so many financial goals?

We started competing with others early in our evolution! How to attract money is a competition on its own!

As a result, many have become more dissatisfied today, especially if the financial goal has not yet materialized. The “fast and more” game began. If the financial goal materialized for us after all, it might have been on its way to us or we might have moved away from our heart’s desire to the destructive side of evolution.

Financial goals can be quite treacherous, because growth can be forced and at the same time cause damage to others. We all know that cancer grows. For us, cancer is something “deadly.” In that same aspect, our financial growth can be “deadly.”

If we live from a pure heart, it would never occur to us to make profit based on common lies and marketing tactics. It does not matter whether we unconsciously or consciously strive for this growth.

The case of premium spiritual coaches.

Here I also explicitly address the spiritual Premium Coaches or High-priced Coaches. Because even these are in most cases no exception to the profit rule. Bold marked: “in most cases”. I was able to experience first-hand how quickly we fall into a spiritual Premium Coaching trap and imitate others 1:1, even if this is not our individual purpose!

We put the “attract and earn money” above the well-being of our clients. By doing so we attract a rat’s tail of infinite problems without knowing it.

With spirituality and money, we fall into an unconscious trap of our global economy and our desire for “faster and more”. We often tell ourselves that we can manifest whatever we want and at the same time we help people to become more conscious.

In other words, we follow a very few successful coaches 1:1 in terms of money, unconsciously imitate these people and we forget our uniqueness.


Tricky illusions.

Today, we see clearly in our world why there are so many challenges and problems with spiritual money. There are a few individuals who have been exploiting the earth and its resources for decades and centuries. Selfish behavior that is short-term oriented never allowed spiritual money at all. Such individuals are probably completely indifferent to what happens to the next generations.

It often happens that these people persuade themselves to do “good” to the world. Their behavior patterns are very tricky, and they like to spin the truth exactly the way they need the truth.

So, this point should make you aware that the focus on financial goals is often a selfish desire for more power and recognition and has very little to do with serving the good of the whole, even if it seems otherwise!

Often, it happens to us that we unconsciously use our everyday life to judge and analyze instead of really getting into action and acting from the heart and our inner intelligence. So, we act from the memory of our past and analyze the probabilities by which we could get the greatest possible financial success.

Our entire economic system is based on these ongoing analyses and assessments. Just as we analyze money, we also evaluate how our money attraction is progressing, what is going on in our wallets, and how the prices of commodities are moving.

Robotic Behaviors vs. Soul’s Purpose!

What happens to our perception when we analyze and judge?

Our own perception is only directed outwards or into the outer world and the inner world is completely neglected.

Today, we analyze and judge so intensively that we have even forgotten who we are. We have become a robotic being. We think as automatically as a computer.

Look at your life and observe when you direct your own perception outwards (focus on the physical world) and when you direct your perception to your inner world.

This may seem confusing to you, but just imagine that the outer world reflects the circumstances and experiences or memories in your life that you experienced yesterday or will experience today or tomorrow.

Unconsciously, you will direct your attention inwards (introverted) and seek a solution from your pool of experience. You look at your external circumstances and think: “Okay, now this has happened to me again and I have lost a lot of money. So how the hell do I attract money?” Only the attention is directed to the known wealth of experience and not to the inner part of your world, in which you find inspirational solutions for the outer world.

A Mirror Exercise for Home

A Mirror Exercise for Home.

Are You an Introvert?

For example, do the following exercise: Go to a mirror at home or turn on your smartphone’s camera. Look at yourself in the mirror and into your eyes. Now ask yourself a question in the mirror, such as, “What did I eat yesterday morning?” or “When did I get up on the exact second this morning?” and continue to look carefully into your eyes. Be present! Be mindful!

It is not so easy as we believe it is, right?

You may notice how your attention is going inwards, i.e. you’re introverted. This causes you to rummage around in the wealth of experience of your old behavior patterns and you become distracted. You may also notice that you have been distracted for a few seconds, as if you were absent. Maybe during the exercise, you judge yourself directly inwardly: “Phew, how should I know?” or “That was so long ago!” or you analyze inwardly: “Wait, yesterday, I got up here, but how was it today!?” or “So I can’t find out the exact time when I had breakfast, but I can find out the hour!”

The limitations and access to deeper levels of your consciousness remain hidden and you, as an introverted person, are only concerned with memory. This influences your true understanding of spiritual money and how to attract money.

Please practice daily how to keep your attention outside, wherever you have questions, so that the true inner solutions can appear in your consciousness and you have less and less of an introverted awareness step by step!

How to Attract Money: Examples From the Heart!

How to attract money examples

Be aware: To energetically attract money, listing examples already must be very rationalized, because it is such an individual topic! Nevertheless, I hope that it will give you a little insight into how you combine spiritual money.

1. A Self-Realization Goal from Heart.

Example: Your heart’s goal is to become aware of yourself on a deeper level and to radiate relaxation and peace, which enriches people around you. How to attract money is no concern anymore for you, because, probably, your current situation is deeply relaxed already.

2. Full-Focus “Service to Others.”

Example: Engagement in personal coaching with a focus on service. The monetary “goals” or how to attract money will happen automatically as soon as you are in this task, if it is necessary for this task. For example, for the last 5 years, I have had enough resources at any time to continue to educate myself freely, as I wanted from the heart, so the spiritual money comes out of my heart.

3. An Environmental Goal from Heart.

Example: You could develop solutions for plastic waste or other environmental issues with the focus on the solution and your heart’s purpose. You feel destined to make progress here. The monetary “goals” or the necessary change will automatically come into your life as soon as you are in this task. Observe the ocean cleanup as an example of how to attract money and why Boyan Slat was welcomed into the world of spiritual money. When Boyan Slat developed his systems, people all around the world supported him. Boyan Slat had trust and created solutions for our environment, and, after the completion, investors trusted him fully.

4. Magical Smile and Inner Radiation from Heart!

Example: Bring your magical smile and radiation into the world. Maybe you live on the street or you are involved in the economy and the financial market on a higher level! So, it could be that you are in your life’s purpose and helping the people on the street or as an investor or businessman. All this is so individual that we can’t find any rationalization for it. As a successful businessman, we might ask ourselves how a life on the street is worth living at all and vice versa—the person who lives on the street says that he does not understand the businessman and why he is in stress mode so much. If you start to compete with yourself, you will find out what you need in financial terms and you will be completely satisfied with the current situation. Spiritual money will definitely not be mutually exclusive!

5. Healer Career from Heart.

You have the feeling that you are destined to be a healer. Maybe you are a doctor and love your way or you feel determined as a psychologist. Maybe you are more active in the spiritual realm? The financial resources also show up there when you let go and pursue your goal with your heart. Whatever you need will be on your side. Spiritual money goes hand in hand with spirituality here. The journey of “how to attract money” is secondary for you and you know this deep inside your heart.

Spiritual money a means to an end?

The approach for a worthwhile goal, which appeals to me and many other people I have met, is to put the goal of the heart first and to act from this point of view and not from the point of view of when the next dollars will land in your wallet.

This is how I combine spiritual money and how to attract money. I free myself from the thought of having to earn money and then it is very easy to attract spiritual money, or “dollars, euros, or bitcoins.”

For me, spiritual money is a means to an end and therefore it receives very little attention. The focus should be on the aim, not the medium. Exactly this is how solutions are created, how money and spirituality manifest themselves with ease in life.

A great question to ask yourself at work: would I have done this EXACTLY the same way if “dollars, euros, or bitcoins” would have NOT been involved?

Whenever your answer is yes, the work is from the inner heart.

Whenever your answer is no, the work is purely based on earning money and fear.

I am glad that you have read the article to the end. Feel free to write in the comments how you liked the article and what your ideas and thoughts are. How do you deal with the topic of spiritual money and how to attract money?

With unconditional love,


4 Self-Confidence Tips – 7 Magical Advantages to Building Up Self-Confidence


This article is also available in: German

To build up more self-confidence is a massive to-do in our super-hectic society, isn’t it? It looks almost like everyone wants to be someone and no one wants to act deeply enough from their heart to be that someone.

We are on a “fast and more” train instead of a “slow and less” train. Discover later what I mean by that. We have to improve our self-confidence, right? Otherwise we feel lost in low self-esteem.

In this stunning read, I unwrap everything available to guide you towards building up your inner self-confidence, your true individual and collective part of confidence. Together, we unlock the secrets, heart over will. Discover new exercises and possibilities for your inner heart.


  1. A Magical Story – Coincidence Over Confidence
  2. The Analysis – The Definition of Self-Confidence.
  3. The Journey – 7 Magical Advantages to Building Up Self-Confidence.
  4. 2 Examples and Exercises – The Importance of Building Up Self-Confidence.
  5. Spontaneous Training – A Short Story to Build Up Self-Confidence.
  6. 4 Tips to Strengthen and Build Up Self-Confidence.
  7. A special Tribute – A Higher Plane of Being Self-Confidence.
  8. 11 Inspiring Quotes for More Self-Confidence. 

A Magical Story – Coincidence Over Confidence

A Magical Story – Coincidence Over Confidence
A Magical Story – Coincidence Over Confidence – Hamburg Story

My destination was set! This was my first experience speaking in front of hundreds of people. I felt excited! At that time, I was sure to be relaxed and very self-confident about life. I built up my presentation charts two days before travelling to Hamburg. I prepared my “FreiheitsBusiness” presentation intuitively, using two small papers to remember the keynotes of the conference speech in case of an emergency.

In any circumstances, what happened to me the following morning, I wouldn’t believe!

As my phone rang two times in the morning, I was already up a bit late. Time to get up! Slowly and smoothly, I packed everything. My lovely girlfriend drove me to the railway station—easy for us to arrive in time, we thought.

Still, a bit in a hurry, we drove to the railway station. Since Hamburg is a seven-hour trip, to be in time for the train was my only chance to participate at the conference speech the following day.

Suddenly, quite a number of cars also drove before us to the railway station. Nervousness appeared out of nowhere. My inner self poured out a lack of confidence: “Is there a chance to miss my train? Will I really miss my only opportunity to go to Hamburg?” I calmed my mind down, because that’s what I had to do

On the streets near the railway station, several streetlights emerged. The first streetlight jumped to red and the second streetlight also jumped to red. I felt annoyed!

Slowly, time ran away. Again, nervousness emerged in me. I almost wanted to blame myself, taking my time and packing everything so slowly back at home. However, I tried to keep my cool and stayed self-confident.

I told myself, “If the universe does not want me to travel, I don’t. It is no problem to miss the train.” I did some breathing and visual techniques to let my mind calm down again.

A sense of relief crossed my whole body. I surrendered and felt kind of intoxicated.

A sudden thought emerged: “To reach the train, get out of the car immediately and run to the railway station.” I didn’t hesitate for a second. The red streetlights stopped us immensely.

I jumped out of the car and decided to run to the station. Before leaving the car, with gratitude, I thanked my girlfriend for driving and supporting me.

I started to run as fast as I could to the railway station, 500 meters in distance. My suitcase felt heavy. I took a comfortable suitcase; people normally only take something like that inside an airplane.

As I ran, I started to breathe more heavily. I continued to run and started to sweat. My pulse increased.

I thought, “Man, where is my body endurance? Should have done more sports, eh?”

Another lack in confidence entered my mind. “Give up; your effort is for nothing. At the end, you will sweat for nothing.”

However, I did not listen to my head, I listened to my heart and continued to run.

Finally, I arrived at the central station. Inside the central station, I looked towards the stairs inside the building, seeing workers in front of the stairs. I see a sign. “Under alteration.” I spoke within, “Self-confidence, what is that?”

Sweating even more, I searched the new entry to the platform of the railway station to Hamburg.

I ran towards the platform of the railway station; no train was in sight! An upset emotion emerged from deep inside. I spoke within again, “Self-confidence, what is that?”

Suddenly, I looked over to the parallel railway platform. I noticed that I ran to the wrong platform. The train to Hamburg was clearly visible at the parallel platform; believe me or not, within seconds of reach, I jumped onto the train to Hamburg!

A sense of deep relaxation went down my bones. I followed my heart. The reward was my first conference speech in Hamburg.

My story shows that life is not a walkover and it is not supposed to be a walkover! We all experience days that deeply hurt and challenge us. Even though the story of me looks so playful and I did not experience any “defeat” as we identify bitter defeats from the mind, it shows one thing. If we stay in our own center and are full of self-confidence, we have a much better chance to shape our lives freely.

True self-confidence can emerge in those situations. Do you give up or continue? Can you lightly take a punch in your face and still laugh?

A lot in our life feels predetermined! We might not be aware of what happens next, but we surely are responsible for how we approach our current destiny. The open heart helps us to overcome all difficulties in life.

What is the paradox and beauty of life and destiny?

The more we surrender to our destiny with an open heart, the more we design our destiny!

The story continues later…

The Analysis – The Definition of Self-Confidence.

The Definition of Self-Confidence
The Definition of Self-Confidence

What is our lovely Google saying about self-confidence? What does it mean to be self-confident?

Extract from Vocabulary;

“To be self-confident is to be secure in yourself and your abilities. When you are giving a presentation or a speech, it helps to be self-confident. Confidence is a feeling of trust in someone or something.”

And an extract from Wikipedia;

“The concept of self-confidence is commonly used as self-assurance in one’s personal judgment, ability, power, etc. One’s self confidence increases from experiences of having satisfactorily completed particular activities. It is a positive belief that in the future one can generally accomplish what one wishes to do.”

What happened in my personal story of magical coincidence over confidence?

The moment I started to feel nervous and shaky and my thoughts became doubtful, I surrendered to my heart. I let thoughts be thoughts. I let fear be fear. I let love be love.

Scaring myself about the future in that moment was no option. Victimization through my memories was no option.

And with success, I surrendered to the universal intelligence.

Self-assurance, as written in the Wikipedia article, was my key. I was in a state of self-assurance. I stayed at the center and finally, I celebrated inside the train. I gave everything, and I believed in the intelligence.

“Actions do not cling to me because I am not attached to their results. Those who understand and practice this, live in freedom.”

– Krishna

The Journey – 7 Magical Advantages to Building Up Self-Confidence.

The Definition of Self-Confidence
The Definition of Self-Confidence

True self-confidence is a very simple and complex myth. A mix of loving yourself and others to the fullest, accepting life as it is, and being courageous enough to take the next steps without a trace of fear.

1. Decisions Full of Clarity

When we begin to level up our self-confidence to a certain degree, decisions become easier. The decision might still be the same, but we are not. Our experience increases tremendously and whatever decisions are to be made have the fragrance of clarity. All decisions are therefore made very quickly or instantly. Should we feel that a decision was based on a faulty perception, we easily accept our bad perception and rearrange our decisions. We begin the path of gratitude and self-love.

2. Increased Levels of Energy

As soon as we have that distinctive and pleasant smell, filled up with self-confidence, our energy levels increase. The fragrance of clarity empowers our whole being to act, not react. Out of those actions rises the maturity of responsibilities in our life. We no longer blame others. Whenever we fall back to a state of lower frequencies, at the speed of light, we discover this state and open our inner heart again. Remember the state of your early childhood or observe other children. All of them emanate increased levels of energy. They never destructively suppress their emotions. Children often mirror the suppressed feelings and emotions of parents. Our children sense that deep level of dishonesty towards our own feelings.

3. A Wide-Open Heart

Sooner or later, acting from intelligence and not reacting from memory moves us to a deeper level of our heart. We no longer victimize ourselves out of reaction and our primary fear. An inner sparkle appears, accepting all that is. We are beyond the level of our reason. Slowly but steadily, our mind merges into this wide-open heart, leaving no trace of dishonesty. Science has a hard time rationalizing these states of consciousness. In psychology terms, it is the journey back to our inner child that has succeeded. We no longer suppress our feelings. We’ve had enough.

A mystic Indian teacher known by the public as Sadhguru writes the following about our perception: 

“Whenever we mistake memory for intelligence, we are a karma case because we live out of our memory and not our intelligence!”

– Sadhguru

4. Connection to Our Truth

Truth is universal. Our heart connects us to that universal stream of love. As soon as our heart reaches a certain level of tenderness and presence, we are able to see through our illusionary perception into the pure awareness of reality. An imaginary and beautiful world opens up that we have probably last seen as infants. We are far beyond the levels of reason. Science, however, discovers more and more about our energetic universe. Connecting to our truth means connecting to our inner universe. The third eye is wide open and sees beyond the illusions. Our physical body starts to relax to deeper levels and our automated thoughts vanish altogether whenever we focus on being in that state of wholeness.

5. Coincidences Vanish

Pure awareness releases a fragrance of unconditional love into our whole being. Coincidences cannot co-exist in this state of being. Paradoxes start to appear. As long as we cannot explain a miracle, people call them coincidences. In this state of consciousness, paradoxes win. Our body emanates a brighter light full of love. Did you ever ask yourself, “Why do infants look so cute and innocent?” We enter the realm of universal guidance.

6. Deep Body Relaxation

Whenever coincidences are not able to co-exist in our reality, deep body relaxation emerges. We surrender to the true reality. Our body feels ease and emanates this lightness into our environment. We are able to let ourselves be guided towards our higher purpose and serve others to do the same. Individually, we express ourselves so different that this is hard to describe. From one person to another, experience and expression can be totally different. Deep body relaxation is beyond most people’s reach, as long as death is relevant in their lives.

7. Everything’s an Adventure

Good and evil cannot co-exist anymore. Everything is seen with a pure consciousness, a wholeness. All the challenges of others are not separated from us anymore. We may still connect to lower levels of frequencies because of our empathy and love towards other beings. At the same time, we cannot return to the deep darkness of our previous state of soul. Our unconditional love emanates so vastly that everything’s seen as an adventure! A fragrance of true self-confidence emerges.

2 Examples and Exercises – The Importance of Building Up Self-Confidence

The Importance of Building Up Self-Confidence Meditation
The Importance of Building Up Self-Confidence

 I found a great extract from the book “The Jeshua Channelings”.

“This is not the arrogance that you find in an inflated ego, it is simply to trust yourself: I feel that I can do this! It means being aware of your deepest inspiration, your own creative abilities, and acting accordingly. Allow your energies to flow out of you, trust in your natural talents and gifts, trust who you really are and show yourself to the world.”

1. A Dead End of Decisions

Did you ever experience the following?

Thinking about what to do is considered normal in our society. Today, a lot of our decisions are made by our reasoning. We calculate everything! Rationality is the norm. Irrationality is divergence from the norm. We were programmed from our very early childhood that the norm in school and study is rationality. We rarely remembered and experienced divergence from the norm.

Whenever we experienced the irrational, we suppressed ourselves. In another sense, we are stuck in our old patterns. We do not allow new, exciting patterns to rise up because we fear the unknown.

So, how do we fill up with self-confidence again?

As infants, we didn’t fear a thing, but because of our attachments to the inner programming, we have become the fear. Look into our infants’ eyes; there is never a trace of fear.

Out of fear, decisions from the heart or irrationality are impossible. However, those exact experiences we irrationally decide on lighten us up.

My relocation to Cyprus, for example, was purely irrational from the heart. How can marrying one month before relocating to another country and leaving my wife in Germany be rational? It is not possible, however, exactly that created my most extraordinary experiences and level of growth.

Experiences we rationally decide on rarely lighten us up. We experienced them out of reason millions and billions of times already. They bore our inner truth.

That is why I call it the dead end of decisions.

For clarification: Above, I never wrote about irrational madness, always about our irrational heart. Irrational madness is rationality going wild.

An exercise for decisions out of the heart: After you have internalized the text, gladly close your eyes and go through the process completely. Connect to your inner heart by being fully aware of the solar plexus above your bellybutton. Focus all your attention on your solar plexus. Visualize this! Open your heart. Now draw attention to the vertex in the middle of your head. See how light pours down from your head to the heart in the center of your chest. See how the light pours further from the heart to the solar plexus above your bellybutton. Decide out of your gut feeling and do not look back.

Whenever you make a decision and your reason starts to doubt the decision, you know it is an irrational decision out of your heart.

2. A Formula for Happiness

Negative stress keeps us away from a state of inner happiness. Our physical body stresses out and we are not able to feel joy, love, or happiness to live our full potential.

Probably you have experienced a state of deep shattering across your whole being because something horrible happened in your life. We learned to suppress our feelings and emotions since childhood and that is the reason we keep continuing in the field of negative stress. We hold onto our past instead of living in the present. We wish for a better future instead of living in the present.

An exercise for more confidence and joy: When you wake up in the morning and your logic starts to function, questions may appear in your mind. Ask yourself the following question: Today, shall I be joyful or miserable?

Shortly before the Chinese philosopher Lao-Tse died, people gathered around him and asked, “Why are you so happy and joyful every day?” He answered, “Till now, I just happened to choose joy, that’s all!”

When you are joyful, you won’t act with stupidity against yourself. Everyone’s happy, we only can’t maintain it for the whole day.

Also, vastly recognize your state of helplessness as a first step out of the deep, shattered state of your whole being. Realizing and practicing this for more confidence can be a real breakthrough! We have to access our heart or intelligence over memories.

How do we manage memories and intelligence for self-confidence?

Spontaneous Training – Sequel Story to Build Up Self-Confidence

Story to Build Up Self-Confidence.
Spontaneous Training – A Short Story to Build Up Self-Confidence.

Sitting comfortably inside the train to Hamburg, I started to edit my presentation for the conference speech again. I wondered, “Did I miss an important aspect?” So I double-checked it. I also thought about how to start the conference speech, how to touch and connect to the crowd. Not only the crowd, but the people’s heart and the people’s energy and emotions. This was essential for an outstanding speech.

Comfortably sitting in the train, I increased my self-confidence with a meditation, imagining myself asking the crowd the following: “Who has already invested in digital assets? Hands up.” Next, “Did you at least double your investment? Hands up.” Moving them towards action. Then, “What do you think caused it not to work for the majority?”

After several hours of travelling, I arrived at Hamburg, visiting my soulmates’ home in the evening before the conference started the following day.

The next morning after waking up, a nervous feeling overcame me. My mind lacked confidence and was not able to stop spreading a hectic mood. A short meditation helped, followed by a healthy snack made by my friends, before jumping into the tram that led me into the heart of Hamburg. Arriving at the conference at 10 a.m., everything stabilized and I felt very relaxed.

My speech, scheduled around late afternoon, was quite a time away.

After several speeches and harmonizing with the environment, I felt quite comfortable. I spoke within, “Well, nothing can go wrong. The crowd is so cheerful and happy!”

In the afternoon, there was one more speech before mine. There was a little difficulty with my speech because the planned break, including food, was quite delayed. The crowd was starving already, hoping for food and drinks after a lot of presentations.

I was wondering if this would affect my conference speech because I, too, was hungry! Luckily, I prepared a healthy smoothie mix in the morning.

Finishing the current presentation, the unexpected occurred. Markus, the founder of the “FreiheitsBusiness” conference, went on the stage and announced, “Finally, we are ready for our break. Food and drinks are ready. See you in thirty minutes!”

“Seriously? Did that just happen?” My mental state was doubtful and hectic; I did not know what to do. “Food and drinks before my speech?” Probably a very bad idea. So, I decided to delay it and went outside for a meditation.

This break took ages, I thought! Real nervousness and impatience, two of humanity’s biggest troublemakers, overcame me.

“Come on—please let me do my presentation. Quicker!” But nothing happened quickly in those 30 minutes.

Then, I heard Markus’s voice back on stage: “OK, we continue! Everyone back to their places!” From that moment, everything happened quickly.

I remember my body shook at my microphone setup while the crowd was waiting for my speech. The “FreiheitsBusiness” crowd was still sitting down, a real perfect situation for a stage “newcomer.”

Suddenly, standing in front of 150 people at a conference; “How was my presentation supposed to start again?” My inner voice shook.

On the train to Hamburg, I prepared two simple questions or interactions for the crowd, but I communicated those questions completely wrong, leading to misunderstandings at the start of my speech. Since then, I call it “the clarity blackout!” Quite an embarrassing start, I thought!

Out of nowhere, my lips and mouth felt dry as hell. I took myself way to seriously and a lack of confidence emerged.

Another thirty seconds of speaking went horribly. Suddenly, I had eye contact. Another speaker in the first row said, “Relax and drink a water!”

So, I had a short pause.

20 Seconds in Silence for More Self-Confidence

20 Seconds in Silence for More Self-Confidence!!

Does a miracle exist? Is there an exercise to fill up with self-confidence in an extrem situation available? If so, how do you explain a 20-second miracle for self-confidence?

It seems impossible to explain, as it can only be experienced! From a complete blackout and extreme nervousness, I went into a state of massive self-confidence and calmness! In the 20-second pause, thoughts began to disappear. Emotions and feelings disappeared. I felt light and surprisingly confident. My inner voice spoke within, “It is just a game—nobody cares about it. Let go and open your heart slightly.”

My whole being changed at that moment. It was an unforgettable moment. A moment of miracles.

Trusting my own abilities, I went into a great flow and at the end of the talk, several people of the “FreiheitsBusiness” crowd asked questions in the questions and answers part of my presentation. As soon as that part was finished, some very kind people gathered around me to ask for guidance.

I was a bit stunned about that. I had the courage to belief in myself. The awesome crowd and people also supported me.

Why was this an essential experience for my self-confidence? What should you take away from it?

We all struggle at some point in life. I do, as do you. The secret is in how we evaluate struggles in stressed situations and how we act, not react, while they occur.

Do we blame ourselves for the so-called “failure” of a moment or do we rise above the uncomfortable situation?

Do we let ourselves and others take advantage of a misery or do we grow stronger from the uncomfortable situations in life?

I always had the guts to stand up again and again. Besides taking the initiative, I developed strategies to balance everything out. This led me to a stage of my present state, where I instantly feel true self-confidence in most environments.

For sure, I have my weaknesses where I would lack in self-confidence, however, I am certain that nothing could “defeat” me in life.

I live day by day to the fullest more and more, not fearing what could happen or what happened. It is a safe feeling of the present. A state of heart opening and deep surrender.

4 Tips to Strengthen and Build Up Self-Confidence.

4 Tips to Strengthen and Build Up Self-Confidence. 
4 Tips to Strengthen and Build Up Self-Confidence.

1. Understanding Yourself

Our memory is not the enemy. We are only more into our memories and less into the intelligence. That is all there is to say. The honest truth is that only you can build self-confidence through the experiences of life and honest reflection and letting go of those experiences.

A lack of confidence is always a sign of fear which flows into a state of indifference. We cannot fully understand ourselves and we don’t act in life. Understanding comes through acting. Act with intelligence, not with memory. Should you continue to react with memory, nothing changes, and you keep your lack of confidence.

This may be new for you, but you are not able to create something new and wonderful purely with your memory, because this memory has triggered the present state.

Albert Einstein quoted this wonderfully;

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them

– Albert Einstein

Einstein also said that imagination is more important than knowledge.

A small exercise:You’re allowed to go for it. It’s highly effective. First read it completely and then make yourself comfortable, as if you were meditating. Once you have read the process, close your eyes and visualize the following.

Imagine that you forget what you seem to know about life, and let everything creative, and wonderful flow into your life that you don’t know. Know nothing, and everything at the same time. Surrender to your heart and feel this 2-3 finger breadths above your belly button. Also feel how your inner sun spreads into all regions of your body, feel how all cells bathe in the pleasant sun. Feel how you open yourself to new things that serve you, and others, and are beneficial to the well-being of yourself and others.

2. Self-Confidence Programming

The best programming for self-confidence is experience! Rather than waiting for success, achieve and build success. Whenever it feels hard act in your life, your programming from childhood is blocking your potential. I would recommend you learn to use a method to discover and let go of your blockages. I use a bio-feedback method only available in Germany right now to do so. I heard about several methods overseas, however, I never experienced them. Most important is that methods let you be autonomous. Whenever there is a trace of dependence included in a method for transformation, after the teaching process, it is based on memory, not intelligence and love.

A small exercise: Ask yourself, “Which fears won’t let me take action?” Wait patiently for the response. Be patient, surrender, and open yourself to those fears. Accept and embrace them with full love and go forward. Act and experience.

3. The Realm of Genetics (DNA)

Unlocking the higher purpose hidden in our DNA can be a real challenge.

The third tip is a short intro into our vast human potential and how this helps to develop confidence. Extract from the book “Gene Keys” **


You are a living genius. Every human being is born a genius. I am not just saying you have the capacity to be a genius, but that you are one, right now. Your higher purpose in life is to share your particular genius with the world. But what is genius? The original root of the word refers to a kind of overseeing spirit or guardian who looks after a person. It also has a clear connection with the word gene, which is one of the reasons it has come to be associated with certain special people with a genetic hereditary gift of intelligence or intellect.

Today when we think of genius, we generally think of it as intellectual prowess, as for example in the case of Einstein. I would like you to understand genius in a new way. To begin with, you don’t have to be intellectual to be a genius. Genius describes you living at your zenith. It is you living your life without holding anything back, owning and therefore transcending your fears. To be a genius is to have the courage to live life with an open heart, as a deep romance.

  • Rudd, Richard. The Gene Keys

So do not hesitate to be on the “slow and less” track of your zenith and confidence will develop. Check out more about the “slow and less” track in the book “Odyssey to the Heart“!**

4. Vitalizing Our Lost Confidence

There are times in our life when we lose our confidence and nothing works! We do, we act, and no positive outcome is emerging. My tip in that case is to lie back and let go of all of the willpower that wants to reach a certain goal. The chance that reaching that goal is infected by the ego is immensely high. Meditating several hours per day and reflecting on your goals and/or rechecking your goals via heart methods is a great to-do list. Running against a wall is never easy, and especially noticing what we have done to ourselves and our environment can be painful. Honestly approaching and realizing the errors of our ways is a hidden pathway to our inner heart. This is an effective tip to gain confidence.

My secret exercise: Whenever I feel a complete loss of confidence, I read intuitively the book “Gene Keys“** to discover my hidden genetic programming that forces me into a state of lower frequency. This is my exercise to strengthen my confidence. The book is a synthesis of 64 gene keys. 

“True synthesis can only come about when the left and right hemispheres of the human brain are in balance. “

– Richard Rudd

A Special Tribute – A Higher Plane of Being Self-Confidence

A special Tribute – A Higher Plane of Being Self-Confidence.
A special Tribute – A Higher Plane of Being Self-Confidence.

The following tribute is an extract from the book “The Jeshua Channelings” ** for self-confidence. Read this message from your heart.

“This is not the arrogance one finds in a pompous ego, but it is simply about trusting oneself: I feel that I can! It means being aware of your deepest inspiration, your own creative abilities, and acting accordingly. Let your energies flow out of you, trust in your natural talents and gifts, trust in who you really are and show yourself to the world!

Especially for you, lightworkers who have so much inner knowledge and wisdom, it is time to show you and no longer hide. It is time. Here you will find your greatest fulfillment.

Reconcile with the masculine energy within you. Do not hesitate to stand up for yourself, accept abundance and take good care of yourself. Be egoistic in the purest and neutral sense of the word. You are an ego; you are an individual. You cannot and should not be forgiving and understanding all the time. It is not spiritual to tolerate anything and everything. Of course, there are moments where you have to say “no” or maybe even “and bye” and cannot compromise. Do this without fear or guilt and feel how the male energies of self-confidence and self-esteem make it possible for you to let the tender plant of your female energy blossom and flourish. It is only about the cooperation between the energies. Male and female energies have gone down together in a long and painful struggle.

There is an important “loneliness” in life that has nothing to do with loneliness, but everything to do with you being an “I”, a unique individual. Accepting this loneliness in no way stands in the way of an experience of deep connection to others. If you truly acknowledge your individuality, you can be truly creative. The masculine energy of the solar plexus helps you become truly creative. This is what the feminine energies within you are waiting for. Your deep inspirations want to materialize, they want to come out in a very earthly way and bring waves of love and harmony to the earth.”

When you feel this extract of the book is resonating with your inner self, then I am recommending the book “The Jeshua Channelings“. **

11 Inspiring Quotes for More Self-Confidence

  1. “The more we surrender to our destiny with an open heart, the more we design our destiny!”
  2. “Whenever we mistake memory for intelligence, we are a karma case because we live out of our memory and not our intelligence!” – Sadhguru
  3. “It doesn’t matter if it is true self-confidence, love, freedom, god or energy. Everything has a deep fragrance of the divine that has to be experienced.”
  4. “For one who have conquered is mind, mind is best of friends, but for one who has failed to do so, mind is the greatest enemy.” – Krishna
  5. “To experience true self-confidence, you have to surrender to your heart in the never-ending presence.”
  6. “Whatever happened, was good. What’s happening is going well. Whatever will happen, will also be good. Do not worry about the future live in present.”
  7. “We are born confidence, so we are able to revive confidence any moment in our life.”
  8. “Faith is a living, daring confidence in God’s grace, so sure and certain that a man could stake his life on it a thousand times.” – Martin Luther
  9. “Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” – Lao Tzu
  10. “Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breads confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.” – Dale Carnegie
  11. “Actions do not cling to me because I am not attached to their results. Those who understand and practice this live in freedom.” – Krishna 

Thanks for reading. I believe in your confidence. I believe in your actions.
Because I believe in my confidence and actions!

With unconditional love,


3 Steps to Heal our Soul on Earth. Part 2


This article is also available in: 🇩🇪Deutsch (German)

It’s breathtaking that you’re here. If you have not yet read the first part of the series, “Healing Soul and Healing Earth,” you can go directly to the first part here.

In the first part, I talked about how we are more connected to the earth than we can imagine in our dreams and how we heal ourselves as a soul and thus heal the earth.

Here in the second part, we progress at the speed of light. But be sure to read part one first. In addition to my approach between consciousness, habits, and behaviors, in this article, we go into an inner and outer spark to collectively create the leap to a higher level of consciousness.

Taking action is the decisive factor for this extraordinary success with awareness, which begins individually and ends collectively.

In other words, in part two, I will give you deep insights into our psyche. With the following three steps, it is possible for you to demonstrably and positively influence the wellbeing of the earth and thus your wellbeing. This inner blueprint is divided into different types of actions that we are allowed to integrate into our daily lives.

Here we go! Let us take three steps that we humans can do to heal our soul on the one hand and to heal a part of the earth on the other.

Step 1: Why it is Worth Becoming Active on a Small Scale

dna - shutterstock_576826987_Fotor

Your own four walls (home), family, and friends are a great field for positive life changes. To start with small things is one of the secrets for the following consciousness—and for quantum leaps.

In small groups, many of us humans have already begun to pay more attention to nutrition.

It has already seeped deep into our psyche that massive meat consumption is harmful to the earth and its inhabitants and that we are doing something positive for the environment with a more conscious lifestyle.

The food industry is adapting, as the early success of the “Beyond Meat” brand shows. Vegan food is not just a trend but, for many people, a healthier lifestyle.

One of the traps of faith  we could fall into as meat consumers is that we only ride our bikes, continuing to consume meat in return. However, CO2 emissions from cars and vehicles have a much smaller effect on the environment than our meat consumption.

A conscious plant-based diet is therefore more soul healing and earth healing than all vehicles worldwide combined.

There are many studies and articles on this subject, such as Economist’s “How much would giving up meat help the environment?” or the Guardian’s “Avoiding meat and dairy is ‘single biggest way’ to reduce your impact on Earth.”

Just riding a bike gives us a feeling of satisfaction because we are doing something for the environment, but the effects of meat consumption are much more serious.

We must find a healthy remedy here because we need time to change our habits.

For a company emphasizing the environmental disadvantages of diesel and gasoline cars while, at the same time, bringing serious benefits to the electric car industry, see Tesla. Likewise, it advantages the vegan/vegetarian food industry if we only talk about meat. Here, we come directly to our biggest problem child.

What is the problem child of our timeline?

With the mind and reason, we can put everything in order the way we want. Just as we can create reasons for something, we create reasons against it. We often describe the world as quite beautiful to each other, ignoring our behavior patterns, of course.

So, we should all be aware that the mass keeping of animals has long since reached a limit that is neither bearable nor beautiful to look at. Through further exploitation of the animal world and the plant world, no soul will heal and also the earth will heal only slowly again.

Step 1 is therefore a topic about what can be implemented on a small scale, such as a more conscious diet or the reduction of plastic consumption.

What can we also implement directly on a small scale?

Our day-to-day relationships with ourselves and others in our home environment. There, the holy grail is buried, which shows us who we are and who we pretend to be. Likewise, we receive daily advice on how we can change.

However, it only looks simple on the surface, because if we dig deeper, we can see why the world is primarily as it is at present.

What is certain, however, is that the earth rewards us through our own initial spark, for as we give, we are given.

Sooner or later, the earth pushes us into a spontaneous, unpleasant situation in which we have to change or, in some cases, we might even die. So why do we not consciously work for a positive life change?

Step 2: Our New Operating System. This is How We Decipher the Big Picture and Heal Our Soul

Heal our soul on earth
3 steps to heal our soul on earth

Another quantum leap to heal the soul and heal the earth is to engage more in deep meditations. Step 1 is mindfulness. Step 2 is becoming aware for deep, inner transformation. However, major challenges quickly arise here.

As the saying goes:

Who does not meditate today still has tomorrow 😀

Maybe you tell yourself, “How do I meditate? I’ll start meditating when I’m well provided for.” Or, “Currently, I have my work. So much effort. There is no time for meditation. I must focus so that I can achieve my goals!” Or, “I already go to the gym and prefer to do sports rather than meditate.” Or, “Meditation is for spiritual and esoteric people, not for me!”

Basically, all excuses for not getting deeper into yourself and your psyche. There could be fears that are unpleasant or maybe something doesn’t fit in our life anymore that worked wonderfully until now.

Except, you know what? Have you ever seen a super boring movie, in which you know how it ends from the very beginning? What do you do in this case? You’re switching off the movie right away!

Remember one of your favorite movies for a moment. What happened the first time you watched it?

I strongly assume that everything was full of wonder and you were magically captivated, because you were surprised by the movie again and again.

How is your personal life today?

We all tend to “secure” our lives. But for what?

We tend to live half-heartedly and now we want to know what the next 5 years will bring us and what the next 40 years will look like. We control our lives daily. Yes, we control our lives, or at least we try to. This is the paradox in life as a human being. But we should not confuse control with planning. We should all have a healthy plan.

This means that we switch off some movies at the push of a button because they are boring, but we build our own life’s work in this boring way. Isn’t that ironic?

I decided years ago not to be involved in a boring movie anymore; I took the remote control in my hand, switched to another channel in time, and never regretted it for a second!

Why do we live in our own “boring movie?”

Heal Soul and Heal Earth = Letting go of Dogmas?

Heal soul and heal earth = letting go of dogmas?!
Heal soul and heal earth = letting go of dogmas?!

On a fundamental level, we live in our own boring movie because of our blockages and the distractions of our behavior patterns or beliefs that are deeply rooted in us. These are played daily, as if at a slot machine. We seek great attention every day and, in most cases, receive the needed attention, because we identify with our patterns.

I do not talk about the mind of our true selves. This “mind” can also speak through us.

When we start to meditate, our mind knows exactly what is coming. The silence. The end. The unknown. That is why our mind, our reason, is constantly trying to distract us and push things around to be suitable and comfortable.

We simply accept this because we have not learned otherwise—we have not experienced otherwise.

We should learn to use our minds in the best possible way. In any case, demonizing our minds won’t get us anywhere. The mind has the potential to address our deepest fear issues that lie dormant within us. We have to place the heart above the mind. We have to begin to see with the heart again.


…we may learn how to use our own operating system in a stable, joyful, and self-determined way. I’ll tell you more about that in step three.

Our “I”—the “self” that identifies itself purely through the body and that reproduces automated answers from our subconscious—is easy to recognize.

At this moment, we still want one thing, and the next moment, we want another. This inner voice is hectic and manipulates us into doubts and fears, which we listen to more often than we think. This irony which we listen to more often than we think! Feel the depth! The irony! This illusion!

The same record runs over and over again in the subconscious.

Fine, but is there a function that helps us to improve our quality of life?

Yes, for very many things in our everyday life, programming is wonderful, like driving a car, cooking, or sleeping—if it is programmed to be restful—so that these things fall off our hands more easily.

However, there are also issues within that we are afraid of.

This is How Dogmas and Programming Trick Us!

This is how dogmas and programming trick us!
This is how dogmas and programming trick us!

We all know the events of our early childhood. Our parents and grandparents warned us!

  • “Don’t touch the stove; you will get burned.”
  • “Watch the road, don’t get run over!”
  • “Wash your hands, otherwise you get sick!”

That is how we have been steadily programmed. With this kind of programming, you probably think, “Yeah, well, it is a good thing we were programmed that way! At least now I am making sure that does not happen to me.”


Tell that to a person who does not even dare to go into the kitchen because he gets scared of a bacterial infection, because there is no soap around or NOT THE RIGHT SOAP!

Tell that to a person who is constantly afraid of being run over by a car, even though there is absolutely no reason for it, because there is NOT ONE CAR IN SIGHT!

Tell that to someone who is constantly afraid of getting burned or seriously injured, even though there is no hotplate present. Then perhaps it is the sunlight that makes him boil and he doesn’t even know that it is a fundamental fear that he has transferred from the stove to the sun’s rays.

Our behavior patterns are treacherous—the hotplate = burning/hot. (PLAY). The sun = burning/hot. (PLAY).

 Our subconscious is just pushing the (PLAY) buttons.

Where is your (PLAY) that constantly manipulates you and robs you of your quality of life? Which buttons do you press, subconsciously?

Dissolving Behavior Patterns—A Lonely Project of Healing

Dissolving behavior patterns—a lonely project of healing.

Our behavior patterns are geniuses at manipulating and entangling. Therefore, there are few authentic methods available today that allow deep work for oneself and have a lasting effect.

To show the greatness of our individuality, another person who has heard exactly the same three warnings from his parents or grandparents could be completely resistant to these fears or have them in other constellations. Maybe this other person loves to be

in the kitchen and feels most comfortable in midsummer when the sun is at its strongest, even though he has received the same warnings.

What we decided as a child in agreement with our emotions and thoughts is now shown in our lives as a blockage.

Basically, this could be everything from A–Z and in every situation! In any situation SO SMALL, so MEANINGLESS.

For this very reason, working on our behavior pattern is a very lonely project. Healing our individual soul is therefore a project that only we ourselves can initiate.

When we work with other people, mindfulness and intelligence from the heart are very appropriate! This is where coaches and consultants in particular project their own topics onto other people. I strongly suspect that you’re not up to taking on the fears and blockages of your coaches, are you? That would be pure irony.

You may pay thousands of euros for a coach, and then your coach transfers his behavior patterns to you. This is very efficient. The effect is that the coach makes the participant dependent, often not maliciously or with deliberate intention. Often simply through ignorance and overestimation of one’s own abilities.

So, pay deep attention to who you are being coached by and what the specific issues for clarification are.

Stay open. Be authentic. Follow your heart!

Whenever you only deal with these fear themes and the countless other themes of your subconscious, you have no freedom to develop your consciousness and your great personality.

Those who only deal with these fear issues find it difficult to heal the soul or help the earth heal. They seem to be always entangled in life’s challenges!

That is why such patterns of behavior often keep us from meditating, eating healthier food, behaving more lovingly, and EXPERIENCING TRUE LOVE.

For a few months, I have been creating practical meditations on YouTube (for now, in German), where everyone can find a universal tool, a method to change themselves in a self-determined way. Mandy was helping to record one of the meditations in English.

Access to the guided meditation of Mandy below.

Step 3: Blessed Opportunities for Our Inner World & Outer World

Step 3: Blessed opportunities for our inner world & outer world.
Step 3: Blessed opportunities for our inner world & outer world.

Just picking up a book in your hand can do wonders to heal the soul and ultimately heal the earth. Watching a video can inspire us deeply and move us to take necessary action. Listening to a podcast can give us exactly the information we were looking for and help us further.

This was also my start into the development of my personality. However, 99.9% of all books always remain in the realm of personality development and, in my experience, have very little to

do with expanding consciousness and improving our quality of life. More does not necessarily help more.

Often, more is much less and we complicate things. We make everything overcomplicated and thus everything becomes highly inefficient. We run into the so-called “burnout” and just feel bad.

We unnecessarily build up further tension because we cannot implement the things we learn about in books, videos, or podcasts. We lack our own experience, and through too much input, we never fully exploit the experience, so we’re going in circles.

In addition, most books move us in the direction of dependence and uniformity, because that is good—even very good—for some in our society to continue to benefit massively. I have been able to meet people who are active and successful in this game of wealth and many of them are not happy or full of joy in life, because they too are caught in the middle of the game of illusions, of DOING and MORE. In addition, they often suck the rest of the world dry, hoping for a greater legacy.


…I have learned the following profound tools to make my inner and outer world a more joyful place with play and fun.

I recommend seven sensational books that have transformed my life on a deeper inner journey and also one practical, authentic method that has led me to myself in a completely self-determined way without any outside influence.

First read the books that appeal to you. Follow your heart and your intuition. The seven books together with the authentic methods form a symbiosis with which I can experience myself in the maximum way that is possible for me as a human being. In short, I call the combination “holistic spirituality”, because it combines modern science and spirituality in all its pure forms of consciousness, so that we ourselves are brought back to our eternal truth.

My top 7 books for holistic spirituality

An authentic method: Discover Your Strengths, Weaknesses and the Higher Purpose of Life

Gene Keys is a magical system, not a mechanical system. A path to the open countryside, which can be performed online. I highly recommend you to read my new Gene Keys articleMy Deep Inner Exploration for You + Amazing Tools

I look forward to your comments under this article and your experiences. Write to me how you liked the books so far, if you already read one of them.

With unconditional love,


7 Self-Awareness Tips + Guide

This article is also available in: German


In this extensive article about true self-awareness, we go beyond our own limitations and remember a deeper understanding of self-awareness and how to strengthen our self-awareness. The goal of this read is to make us all remember more about our own unique style of character, and at the same time, it is a guidance back to our roots and therefore a strengthening of our self-awareness. This read empowers our daily life to know more about our passion, vocation, and life’s work and purpose and to let go of our misleading distractions and hidden loops. As always, I combine stories and experiences from myself, common sense, science, and spirituality with amazing practical to-dos so that this article serves especially your higher purpose of being, so you can free yourself from existing suffering and live a joyful and confident life! The highlight of this read is the seven ultimate tips to strengthen your individual self-awareness.
1. What is self-awareness all about?
  • Definition of Self-Awareness
  • What makes us human beings self-aware?
  • Why is it so important to be self-aware?
2. 7 ultimate tips to establish your self-awareness!

Self-Awareness & Gary Vaynerchuk

Above all, self-awareness is vastly underrated in our society. For years, an eccentric social media star who builds businesses has spoken more about awareness and self-awareness than most other business and social media stars—Gary Vaynerchuk, a true pioneer of intuitive early venture capital investments in both Facebook and Snapchat, a mentor for a massive amount of online business entrepreneurs, and an authentic speaker with a reach of over 10 million fans combined across LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. In 2015, Gary Vee wrote a blog article where he stated the following:
“Self-awareness is being able to accept your weaknesses while focusing all of your attention on your strengths. The moment you decide to accept your shortcomings and bet entirely on your strengths, things will change. Trust me.”
I also believe that acceptance of your weakness while focusing your attention on your strengths works out well. However, in my opinion, it is not working out for everyone because we are all too individual. A personality like Gary Vaynerchuk is so pure and crystal clear about his mission, vision, and ideas that it works out perfectly for him. Today, we rarely see these crystal-clear pioneers, however this will change within our lifetime because we can all feel that big changes are around the corner in every aspect of our life. Also, our home planet is deeply connected to our awareness and big changes are happening to our earth, too. The true challenge is: To remember your true weakness is to first go deep into that weakness of yourself, to experience and understand it while shutting down your active mind and to go into a silent state of mind. At the same time, strength and confidence in your character are essential, otherwise you might just be another follower of a belief system. Are you ready? Are you truly ready for a life Beyonduality and this amazing read? Continue the read only in this case! Let us go down to real, honest business! Your authentic self-development!

What is self-awareness all about?

Definition of self-awareness

Within our society, self-awareness is one of the most essential abilities to be unique enough to separate ourselves from others in the way that our lifestyle suits us well and we believe in our journey. Self-awareness is based in our roots. It is our fundamental strength to create our own life with our abilities. It is not to let others take control over our abilities to make them their own. It is not meant as a slavery tool. It is meant as a liberating and creative space to grow your consciousness into the higher realms of dimension. To be in our own creative space allows us to create the impossible. To be in our own inner strength allows us to observe what is helping and what is hurting us. To be in our own creative space is to be in our fractal line and to be connected and interact with other beings out of our fractal line. In a lot of societies, low self-awareness can be seen as being shy or introverted. I am sure both interconnect quite well because whenever I think back to my super low self-awareness times, this was 100% accurate. Being shy and introverted are strong signs of suppression and low self-awareness. We are too often in our heads and too rarely open our hearts. That does not mean if you are shy and introverted that you are suppressed by others; it can be that you just suppress your own previous life experiences to an extent that you are not able to go outside of yourself anymore. Maybe it is a suppression of aggression that you love to hide from others. It takes crazy amounts of energy to suppress states of aggression and fighting spirit. Low energy is a signature of suppression and low self-awareness. Low energy creates little to no output, which looks to us like introversion. I am not saying that this is always the case, because every one of us human beings are too unique to objectively measure low self-awareness in this simple way. I myself went through the lower states of self-awareness in my current lifetime and some of my blogs today are not even written by myself—funnily enough, I connect to all of my databases and build bridges between dimensions. Not to say that I’ve mastered something yet, nor to say that you should take something too seriously here.
Every day, I make sure to tell myself that I know nothing, because the more I know, the less I seem to know.
Whenever my blog articles inspire and guide you toward your true being, it for sure is a pleasure and for sure my greatest passion is to serve everything in existence.

Chakras and self-awareness.

I am a big fan of the chakra system. Our seven main chakras are not visible to our physical eyes and are also not scientifically researched. That is because the chakras are between our world and the spiritual world. Self-awareness correlates with the first chakra, the root chakra. I found a highly interesting chakra definition of self-awareness from the book, “The Jeshua Channelings”. In the first chakra, a healthy and balanced male energy leads to self-awareness. The male energy no longer needs to fight and quarrel; it is present through self-confidence. To be present, i.e. to be completely in the here and now with the whole soul, is an essential quality of the first chakra. It is to be aware of oneself and to be centered without losing oneself in the opinions, expectations, or needs of others. A balanced energy of the root chakra allows you to stay in your midst and be aware of yourself while communicating with others and the outer world. It is very important to develop this kind of self-awareness because it will protect and guide your feminine energy. The female energy naturally tends to connect with other (living) beings and to be there for others in a caring, nurturing way.

What makes us human beings self-aware?

Our world wide web is connected to the unlimited database itself, like everything else. On Wikipedia, it is written:
“While consciousness is being aware of one’s environment and body and lifestyle, self-awareness is the recognition of that awareness. Self-awareness is how an individual consciously knows and understands their own character, feelings, motives, and desires.”
This fits with one of my new experiences as a producer of meditations. The very first voice recordings could not transport my message well enough, because I had never recorded professional guided meditations before. However, the more I invested time into my activities, the more I was able to recognize whenever a recording was fitting and whenever a recording had to be remade. Even while recording my voice with live headphones for feedback, I was very quickly able to recognize whenever my voice went too low or too high. What was the trick to learning or implementing the meditation recordings as quickly as possible? The trick was to make myself vulnerable, very vulnerable to myself and others with my voice. In another sense, this means that whenever you love to learn and implement something extremely quickly, it is great to initiate the opposite of your desires. In my case, I wanted to create super meditations, so I started by doing meditations that most people would call “weak, with self-pity or low self-esteem in the sense of my voice.” That was the only strategy available to rapidly improve my self-awareness in recording my guided meditations. So, I quickly understood my characters’ feelings, motives, and desires on a whole new level and the meditations I am recording now have a sense of the best characteristics to support people in the meditations to come down.
Wherever in life you want to become a master, be vulnerable.

Why is it so important to be self-aware?

Acknowledge the signs and follow your heart. Whenever we as human beings are in a low self-awareness state, we have the attitude to over satisfy our desires and under satisfy our true motives in life. We may begin to follow monetary activities instead of following our true passion and living a greater life. We may begin to follow negative spirals of suffering and pain instead of following a joyful heart-based consciousness. We may begin to dream about our dreams instead of living them. We are stuck in our duality of good and evil and an inactive self-awareness kills our individuality and maneuvers us to be puppets in our daily life, entangled in all that exists. So yes, self-awareness is important to growing our own individuated consciousness to even higher levels of consciousness beyond our limitations and even beyond that. In another aspect, it shows our confidence in all of our cells. Studies show that we have between 50–100 billion cells working perfectly in harmony to let us experience our environment as we do and work efficiently as human beings. The more we trust ourselves, the higher our self-awareness rises, and it is therefore a present force in our life. We feel what to do and what to leave behind us. We feel which people to connect to more closely and which people to keep a distance with. Some of the advanced self-awareness and trust abilities may even protect us from dangers of the future.
  1. 7 ultimate tips to establish your self-awareness 

Now we enter the heart of this article. The goal of the seven tips is to create a deeper understanding of your weaknesses and strengths. All tips are less a generic build-up of “go outside in nature” or “drink no alcohol” and more a comprehensive read that is able to reach every human being in their deeper state of mind and consciousness. These seven tips are also seven steps that line up together. So, let us start at number one out of seven and for sure we start at the most crucial tip. 

1. Understand your weakness.

“To strengthen your self-awareness, besides knowing your strengths, you have to also understand your deepest weaknesses.” Writing about people’s individual weakness is probably a bad idea, because it is . . . well, so individual. However, there are some collective weaknesses we human beings have. By fully reading this first tip, you should already have a deeper understanding of some hidden weaknesses of yours. I am going to reveal the three biggest weaknesses we subconsciously and genetically seem to have. From those three weaknesses, most other weaknesses spread out. In a sense, they are closest to our source.
  • The Fear of Time
Everyone tells us, “Time is running away from us,” whenever we are earning less and less money, whenever we are less proactive and less ambitious in every aspect of life. However, is time ever really running away from us? Do we really understand time at a profound level or is our human perception misleading the ultimate truth? A lot of fears are built around time because of our perception of past, present, and future and beginning and end—we human beings are stuck in a loop of our belief systems. Eckart Tolle is one of the few human beings who truly goes beyond time, as he explained in his bestselling book, “The Power of Now”, that in his point of view there is no past or future—only the present exists.
A never-ending present.
If a never-ending present or a “NOW” really exists as a truth from a higher dimension’s perspective, our fear of not having enough time or that time is running away is only a big misconception from our linear awareness. I love to see it as a complete, open world view of unlimited possibilities. In most human beings’ perception, time exists in past, present, and future. Space is essential for time to move. In another higher perspective, time exists and at the same time does not exist. We know that electricity, atoms, and wind exist and at the same time we are not able to see them with our physical eyes. Why is it so hard to believe in different dimensions that are invisible, too? Maybe because we are just fearful of the unknown. So, are you fearful about not having enough time? Are you impatient in life?
  • The Fear of Not Having Enough
The fear of not having enough is exclusively created from the lack of love or the need of more love. In another aspect, it is about a lack of connection to your truth. We believe that our current situation and experiences are not good enough, that these have to immensely improve, and exactly that belief is holding us back from our brightest and greatest potential. As an example: we always play different roles at our parents’ home than we play with our friends or at our workspace. The reason is clear. We lack love to show true authenticity. We lack love to be ourselves. Ask yourself: which roles are you playing in the different environments of your life? Which roles are essential to being a great server to yourself and others? Begin to disintegrate all the other roles in your life—one by one, step by step.
  • The Fear of Death 
This is the biggest stimulator for our low self-awareness. Everything is based upon this topic. All of our current worldwide markets are structured around our fear of death. We seem not to know what happens afterward, if anything at all. Water, food, and health are our biggest money-driven systems and that is for a reason. Whenever we fear death, we are in a low frequency, low self-awareness state. We fear the unknown and we prefer to suffer for years and years in our body instead of letting go. We fear losing our beloved and we fear never remembering or seeing them again. To a great extent, this fear manifests exactly as that—we live to remember, we live to hold on. We have to overcome death to transcend to another level of awareness. We have to open our eyes to the truth of our soul and remember what really matters in life. What could that be?
Everything and nothing matters simultaneously.
Analyze your weaknesses and ask friends and family for constructive feedback. Reflect upon yourself with true honesty. 

2. Avoid overestimating.

I see more and more human beings that love to overestimate their current level of consciousness because they have read so many books or attended 20-30 years of trainings, seminars, and workshops. However, 98% of the current market’s seminars, videos, and coaching are ego based, are competition, and are money driven. If you are inside that 98%, it does not matter how many more years you invest in training and coaching. The illusion is still present. The illusion inside the personal development market is that most of the market is based on competition and business and less based on cooperation and real philanthropy. Most people love to say the opposite. Most people say money and spirituality goes along. For sure, it does. However, at the same time, there is a real risk of falling into the money game. Instead of truly helping and serving others and the whole, instead of telling stories about how you help customers and stories about customers, as an example, you might just talk a lot more about your business and money. The true reason behind this is that the money-game from the very beginning was set to fail. Especially in the self-help market, we see massively destructive behaviors because we force ourselves to play illusionary, exactly the opposite game of what was initially our true goal. To find out your motive, just go deep inside yourself and ask the following three questions honestly:
  1. Are you investing more than 5 minutes per day on money-driven thoughts and emotions?
  2. When building up a free source of high-quality content—for example, on YouTube or for blogging/podcasting—would you also build it up if you knew that no income stream would exist for the next 5–10 years and that you would never monetize most of your activities?
  3. Would you believe that money, besides being an energy, can also be a big illusion? A big paradox?
For sure, I love to live in abundance. True abundance includes the ability to do whatever you love in life, meaning that in our current system, money plays an important role. At the same time, it can be abused very quickly and because you play the game of money, you might never in your lifetime notice that this is the only thing you did.

3. Combine weaknesses and strengths into one force.

Integrate the best of your weaknesses and strengths together. After you understand your individual weaknesses strongly, only then are you able to understand your greatest gifts and strengths in life. I understand that a lot of people around the world in the personal development area are in a belief system that considers focusing on your strengths. However, your true strengths might be hidden within your weaknesses.
Within every shadow lies a gift.
After we truly understand our shadows in life, we begin to merge our weaknesses together with our strengths and therefore create “one force”. To dive deeper into your “one force” I recommend Richard Rudd’s Gene Keys from heart. His passionate project is amazing. The Gene Keys are a living wisdom and a magical system. Gene Keys is a magical system, not a mechanical system. A path to the open countryside, which can be performed online. I highly recommend you to read my new Gene Keys articleMy Deep Inner Exploration for You + Amazing Tools

4. Balance out your comfort-zone.

Never go too far outside your comfort zone and never stay too deep within your comfort zone. To achieve true self-awareness, we have to expand our comfort zones with joy. To expand our comfort zones, we have to open ourselves to the yet unknown. Our hearts always know how far we are able to stretch our comfort zones. However, our egos always want to stretch our comfort zones way too much or way too little. Our egos either tell us to go faster, higher, and quicker—because if we do not achieve, we are losers—or to stagnate and do nothing at all out of fear. Our egos wanting too much in a short time period put us in danger of exhausting our bodies and in those situations, we are no longer able to reflect our hearts.
We are trapped in our minds.
Our egos hiding put us in danger of doubting life, gaining massive body weight, and living heavily in the past while wishing for a better future. From my experience, it is massively important to let our hearts and our souls speak more often. Our hearts are always soft, quiet, and generous in communication. However, our hearts also send us very harsh signs, while we have not listened to our hearts for years and years.

5. Act more soul based, less programmed based.

It is easy to act without clear consideration. Acting programmed could let you hate your genius for your whole life and you might never experience and act toward your genius and deep, hidden gifts. A lot of our geniuses were buried when we were very young. For example, we started to love asking philosophical questions about ourselves and our surroundings, however, our parents got annoyed and told us to stop it. We maybe lost our love and passion for philosophical talks; another decision we could have made is to dig even deeper into philosophical topics at the present. What we rarely understand is that both decisions are out of programming from our early experiences and both are fuel for our minds or egos. Our souls might be disconnected altogether. We love to talk and philosophize about our souls, and still, we rarely seem to understand the true meaning of the soul journey. Our souls are never thinking in “good” and “bad” or “beginning” and “end,” therefore, with our limited incomprehensive and linear view, we love to analyze and compare our souls. We love to restrict our evolution with the evolution of our individual and collective souls. To be truly self-aware can be considered as a world view without limitations. We still have our egos; we are able to use them destructively or constructively and, at the same time, we see the bigger picture of “all that is,” including our souls and our unique psychic abilities.

6. Trust yourself by being patient.

Since every one of us is totally different, we cannot judge one process by another. For Gary Vaynerchuk, it might take 60 minutes to master a 20-minute speech and for me, it might take 8 hours to master that same 20-minute speech.
We have to trust our patience.
The more we trust our patience, the quicker we remember and learn to act more efficiently. In our digital informational age, patience is one of the hidden golden assets to master, because we’ve lost it. Everything is accessible within seconds and minutes. 20 years ago, we had to wait seven days for our favorite TV show to go to the next episode. Today, we visit Amazon, Netflix, and all the other video-on-demand platforms and are able to watch most of it instantly. Rarely do we have to wait one week for another episode of a series today.

7. Surrender your beliefs.

Surrender and let go of all your belief systems to remember a gentler way to improve the quality of your life. How does our subconscious mind influence our self-awareness? Massively, because our subconscious mind is like our “fuel” and controls 95–98% of our life through our habits and experiences. So, our beliefs of how self-aware we are and the amount of behavior patterns that we’ve installed for ourselves to have an automated, simpler life can change a lot. For example, while practicing something the first time, it feels very hard to operate smoothly and “in the flow”. Like driving a car, playing a new computer game, or playing sports—all of them need an implementation phase and after that implementation phase, our subconscious mind automatically pushes the button of driving a car or playing tennis or football and for us, it feels “in the flow” and simple. We have to ask ourselves honestly: Might it be possible that our subconscious mind also plays us in regards to relationships, quality of life, work, or business? Every expert I talked to says yes and that is also my personal experience. So, to have the joy of a higher quality in our private, work, and personal life, we have to change our software, our subconscious programs, and we have to understand why old programs stopped us in certain situations of life. Most people today believe that they have to experience major suffering and pain before they are able to look deeper into themselves and change old patterns that are not up to date for this era on earth. Especially well-known methods to reprogram our subconscious minds are said to change our lives by reducing stress, but do they actually perform well? Probably, they perform very efficiently short term, but what about long-term sustainability? What is your experience with self-development methods? I am really eager to read your comments below. This seventh tip is an initiation to work inside out. My subconscious mind held me so aggressively in his fangs that every affirmation, seminar, and book had exactly the opposite effect of what I dreamed of. My heart was cut off and I tried to defeat my suffering with suffering, I tried to defeat my mind with the subconscious mind. But I was not able to improve the quality of my life; rather, I noticed more and more how others improved and how I was not able to implement knowledge for myself in my daily life. I discovered step-by-step methods to unlock deeper levels within myself. This seventh tip reflects the importance of reprogramming our subconscious minds in a joyful, sustainable, and autonomous way. We are at the beginning of those developments worldwide. We are at the beginning of looking more efficiently at our inner and outer worlds.

EXTRA: 3 amazing YouTube videos about self-awareness!

1 + 2 Gary Vaynerchuk: Self-Awareness: Know Yourself: Gary Vaynerchuk
Figuring out Who You Are
3: Understanding Awareness – The Staggering Depth Of Your Unawareness Revealed
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Does consciousness heal our soul on earth? Part 1


Today, I am very happy to be able to share an article about our consciousness process and the forthcoming consciousness change, which is very close to our hearts with an intense personal experience.

On social networks, I have already addressed today’s topic, but I could convey the true message in so few words only limitedly. There I see us humans in interaction with the earth in a cell-conscious constellation.

How you evaluate those points of view and my world view is entirely in your hands. I simply share my open world view with you, and for an inner actor with you, this could be most unpleasant! More about this in my own painful experience.

As already scientifically proven, our up to 100 billion cells work in harmonious cooperation so that our body-mind-mind construct functions completely. So our cells, as a unit, possess an incredible energy.

In my experience, the earth also balances all living beings as an energy construct on your planet. All inhabitants of the earth as well as our human cells should therefore live together optimally in a cooperative harmony so that the earth construct functions sustainably.

So what is the challenge that we humans face?

We humans are collectively the only life form on earth that has the habit of throwing the balance massively off course. That’s why we have a huge individual and collective responsibility. We also seem to be the only living beings at present who are capable of physically and even psychologically deeply hurting the earth.

What is exciting here is that we are currently in the midst of an increased awareness process into a new age.

Are we perhaps only a decision away from our “destruction” or our “heaven on earth”?

Is all consciousness making a quantum leap into a new age?

consciousness helps the planet earth

Today, our earth vibrates much higher and differently than we are used to. We feel this in us daily. The “time gaps” in which we feel depressed, happy, balanced, or listless become more and more intense and shorter.

Our complete internal system is spun like a washing machine.

In addition to strong economic transformations and collective themes such as “digitisation” or “globalisation”, we are also more concerned with individual themes such as “life’s work” and “vocation”.

Not only are we at the end of a huge human cycle, but also the earth is at the end of a cycle. Many scientists speak of an imminent “pole shift” and in many news stations, there is a long, superfluous pole shift which could have a serious impact on global energies.

Climate change is just as topical as ever. The forest fires in the Amazon region rose sharply, as an example. Many people all over the world were emotionally affected not only by the forest fires, but also by the many other developments in the world.

Currently, we are in the middle of massive global and individual changes and we humans are susceptible to massive changes due to our fear patterns.

So we can also adapt and make the quantum leap together. In addition, it is an advantage that today we deal much more intensively with the spiritual and soul level and, at the same time, we continue to keep our bodies fit.

Over the last 10 years, there has been an upsurge of awareness and awareness. Although the topics have by no means reached the masses yet, people are already much more concerned with these topics than they were a few years ago.

There are also breakthroughs in science, such as epigenetics, quantum physics, and neuroscience.

If you look at Hollywood films like Interstellar and Inception or series like Westworld or Altered Carbon filtered and viewed from an increased awareness, you will also notice what possibilities of reality might come to us or how it could end alternatively.

Although in Hollywood films, violence is usually the main focus, this physical violence can also be seen as a metaphor for the great change in consciousness that is coming towards us or is already here.

We are entering more and more into a new dimension. On my blog “Beyonduality“, I like to call it the reunion of the Trinity.

Meditation here is a great introduction for more attentiveness and awareness of our trinity of body, mind, and soul. By the way, you are free to download our guided meditation “Energybooster” here, that was created for that purpose.

This could be perceived as a quantum leap and a new age. It is a step from unconscious people to conscious people. So we all become a bit more aware of our own truth, whatever that truth may be for us individually.

Unconscious People & Conscious People

Does consciousness heal our soul on earth and helps the earth

Much depends on how conscious we as humans are with nature and our environment. Here, I would like to present a painful example from my life.

After I had dealt a lot with consciousness, spirituality, and science and had also worked up a lot of topics for myself in over 5 years, special activities became more difficult for me.

I had become aware that I love myself more, that I trust myself completely, and that I respect all life. At the same time, however, I could not yet fully live out “indifference” and “humility”.

I began to look down on people unconsciously and to put my knowledge above the knowledge of others, because I simply made such a great development and was immersed in a very extended reality system.

This is currently a topic that has become much more conscious for me, where it was completely unconscious before. I myself was completely convinced that I consciously acted indifferently and humbly in the sense of “all that is”! At the same time, I was unconsciously acting exactly in a way that I deeply wanted to avoid or even hated.

I even thought of many people, especially very good friends, as “arrogant”, “snooty”, or “know-it-alls” and thought that they do not fully live out their knowledge, but reflect it purely from the mind. That really scared me, and I was sad. In this case, however, I was simply held up to my reflection. What irony.

That hurt me deeply in my heart, especially because I have been communicating very consciously for more than 3 years. For me, it never came across as wanting to force my opinion on people. Only just as strongly do our beliefs function! Here, only pure consciousness, true love, and forgiveness can help.

Now I am glad and grateful that it didn’t take decades to realize how it came across so often and that I was willing to get involved with my big ego issues and let this identity fall more and more.

My experience has clearly shown me how quickly I act unconsciously again, exactly as I wanted to avoid it. I already know more today how unconsciously destructive I can be in everyday life and that is exactly why I forgive myself again and again in order to learn from my mistakes as quickly as possible. At the same time, I never see it as an “excuse” and reflect and integrate what I recognize directly into my everyday life.

Which blind spots do you still have that let you unconsciously act destructive?

Which barriers still prevent you from shedding your unconsciously destructive behavior?

What do you predominantly see in your fellow men?

Ask yourself these questions and pay attention to what your heart answers. Observe your surroundings, crystal clear. Most of the time, what we see opposite is really just our own reflection.

How Do We Experience for Ourselves the New Consciousness – Age?

increase your consciousness and save the world

Very importantly, I also reflect all other truths and understand when you have a completely different perception of your reality. Nevertheless I would like to tell you some points of view from my reality picture. What does it look like in concrete terms with us humans? Are we perhaps the cancer of the earth?

I see the deep, unconscious issues that we as humans have absorbed as cancerous tumors, but only if we always and always keep turning in the wheel of ignorance and thus act destructively for the good of all. However, I perceive it more as a metaphor for myself. I also see myself in this wheel, and at the same time, through my active consciousness work, I see a light on the horizon.

How do we identify our “individual cancer”?

Our unconscious beliefs and programming cause us to focus on survival more often than we think. From the survival phase of evolution, however, we have actually been out for quite some time; only our active genes and our unconscious faith are still deeply, actively interwoven.

So my main aspect of the cancer argument is how destructive or constructive we are in the sense of humans as a community and how we treat all life, including the earth If we therefore act destructively and destroy the balance between nature and earth, a cancer may form in us that attacks us and “kills” us sooner or later.

Just as our sick cells die, so I look at the Earth one level higher. In this higher plane, we are the cells of the earth body or earth consciousness. Natural wonders of the earth, such as volcanic eruptions, severe storms, earthquakes, or tsunamis, are here to be equated with our diseases, such as stomach complaints, headaches, digestive problems, or organ failure – just one level further, thought.

For me, this is neither esotericism nor conspiracy, because as the famous mathematician Benoît Mandelbrot describes in his book “The Fractal Geometry of Nature”, this is scientifically proven and reality. One level higher, I see that our sun and our solar system are again a quantum leap higher in consciousness. In all these systems, we are an essential part.

Sacred geometry is wonderful because it deciphers wonderfully universal structures in our universe. Our blood vessels, for example, look one-to-one like the course of a river from a plane. Our atoms resemble our solar system.

Just as there is climate change on Earth, there is a permanent climate change in our human system. We could perceive this as temperature and every time we get a cold or have a fever, our climate changes. We will then be in the midst of increased inner changes.

In addition each human being possesses individual “weak points”. Some people have it in their head and headaches are more common. Some people have it in their throat or eyes. In the next person, the weak spot is located in the large or small intestine or in the heart. Just as there is a heart in us humans, there is a heart in the earth that wants to be heard.

consciousness help the world

Earth keeps giving us clues we don’t want to listen to. So, when we observe ourselves, it is possible for us step by step to identify and realign our own physical and mental weaknesses.

Just as our mental and spiritual development works only from the inside out, this identification of our weak points works only from the inside out. Other personalities have much less insight into our own inner lives. We ourselves are much more aware of the area in which we are more or less susceptible. There are media companions or “channeling experts”. Still

The real work always begins and ends IN ourselves. We can take the initiative.

Still, psychics in the form of coaches could also make us more dependent than we were before, just as a doctor could talk about our health as much worse than it is and thereby reduce our healing process, as the placebo or nocebo effect has long since proven in studies.

Paying attention to black sheep is essential here and often our faith patterns, our programming, bring us exactly into such a trap of dependencies. I wonder why?

Since our ego-controlled patterns don’t want any change, they just want to stay alive to keep us alive no matter how obsolete these energetic-ego patterns are. Our ego patterns are masters of repression and manipulation.

For all personalities, this is a process of becoming aware that appears infinitely individual With us, this is consistent from the completely unconscious human being to the conscious human being. In other words, we perceive our inner and outer world more and more consciously and thus control our minds and bodies more efficiently with our souls and bring the Trinity into harmony.

We could say our body is our vehicle, our spirit our fuel and our soul our driver.

When we look at how things have been on Earth for millennia, we see how deeply our minds are controlling us with unnecessary fuel, in the form of behavioral patterns and how little access we have to our souls.

Ask yourself honestly what would happen if we robbed the driver of all vehicles worldwide. And that’s exactly what we seem to be today.

We ARE IN our body (vehicle) without active access to our soul (driver).

From this aspect, we are in the greatest awareness process for a new age and a violent climate change of our system that we can only imagine. At least, that’s how I see it, personally. Every human being lives in his own reality and I contribute a small drop in the infinite ocean from my consciousness research and practical experiences.

Initiative from the Heart for a Conscious Humanity

Initiative from the heart for a conscious humanity.

How are we now healing everything with the power of pure consciousness?

By letting go of everything that is destructive for this healing and accepting everything that is constructive for this healing. Before my inner eye I see a world without restrictions. A world full of possibilities that brings us people forward.

A world where we are all brothers and sisters.

This kind of world in which we all support each other cooperatively by shaping what we love from the heart.

We feel this power of pure consciousness when we deal with ourselves deeply on our own, when we deal with our weaknesses and our fears, our gifts and our love.

First, we have to admit to ourselves that we are deeply controlled by the ego. We have to admit to ourselves that our ego patterns have unrestricted control over us and our destiny.

This is always the first step.

Then, we should ask ourselves whether what we do to others we would do to ourselves or let others do to us. We’re questioning our egos.

Books, seminars and workshops are all part of the solution. But we ourselves are the biggest part of the solution for our cosmos! Without independent courageous with true self-confidence, we change very little and we always run after the masses, which makes us a bad copies.

By acting from our hearts, we heal ourselves all by ourselves. By accepting and loving our uniqueness, we also give others the opportunity to experience and live it for themselves.

But this is only the beginning and very philosophically considered. In the second part that is being published soon, I go more into the details of how we integrate this into our everyday reality.

Please comment below on your story! I’m glad to read it.

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With unconditional love,


How to build up self-esteem? 3 powerful ideas!

This article is also available in: German Maybe you told yourself and felt already in your life: “You are just not there yet!” “Everything in life goes against you,” or “I will never reach my goals.” By building up your self-esteem, this can be radically changed! Most people with low self-esteem have feelings of shame or envy, heavy self-criticism, dissatisfaction, or perfectionism, which can lead to frustration when perfection is not achieved. The state of your self-love is also a big factor of higher self-esteem, because when you start loving yourself more, self-esteem gets more and more easy. For that, later, you are always welcome to read our complete self-love blueprint. Anyway, let us find out powerful ideas and strategies to build up our self-esteem. When you believe you already have a great, built-up self-esteem, maybe there are one or two abilities that you can still detect to improve on. These abilities can be invisible for your conscious mind.

1. Others Aren’t Better Than You

Others aren’t better than you! Stop thinking that others are better than you. We all have our unique qualities in life. Therefore, all of the higher and lower consciousness talks are totally bogus.
You are right at the perfect place—ALWAYS.
The only one that loves to tell you the opposite is your second inner voice of the mind—that voice seems never overly satisfied or fully in harmony. The more this voice rules your daily life, the worse your quality of life is getting. A lot of people already gave up and victimized themselves over that second inner voice. What is the true inner voice? It is the voice where all of your intuition, love, and harmony takes place. However, a lot of people have lost the connection to their true inner voice. The idea and strategy have to be to reflect your inner voices, write your thoughts down on paper, and check which talks are from the true inner voice and which are from the second inner voice (ego-minded). That is a very powerful daily implementation in your life. How to detect which inner voice it is? The ego-minded inner voice is always loud, harsh, and at one moment, that voice is certain of one decision, and in the next moment, it jumps to the conclusion of another decision. That voice is also hectic, selfish, and disturbs your true goals in life. Your true inner voice is soft, clear, and quieter in the talks. The goals and decisions that are made stay mostly the same. This voice speaks from the heart and often cannot be grasped with the mind. For many, this is also a gut feeling or tingling and is associated with the feeling of joy.

2. Learn to Be Alone with Yourself

be alone with yourself Start to be even more with yourself in a conscious way, because if you are only there for others, you miss the balance to take time for yourself. For that, it does not even matter if you are working in a company or working on yourself, because when you do not use any time for your own reflections in meditation practices and other mindfulness practices, you are a part of an automatic machine that you wish to break out of but you never actually broke out of. You are in the DOING mode without ever thinking that this very mode has brought you to where you are in life today. This mode is based on memory and not intelligence. Memories are based on the past and create again and again your past in the future. Intelligence allows you to create a whole new reality. The illusion can be that you think you broke out . . . but in reality, that is far from your inner peace, harmony, and wealth where you wish to be.
In this illusion, you plan and work for the future!
That way you cannot live in the present! Also, take time to reflect on your days and weeks and always ask take a pause and if necessary ask yourself efficient questions that let you be more of how you already are. Three ideas for how these questions can look like:
  1. Is what you are doing the way you want to express your full potential in life?
  2. Is there a more efficient way that you can be a lot happier? Do you act towards these goals?
  3. What is the purpose of what you are doing in your life? Does it really lead you to the higher-conscious state of your mind and life where you want to be?

3. Our Inner World, an Outer Reflection

inner world outer reflection Your body is a reflection of your inner world.
  • Does your body look healthy?
  • Does your body look unhealthy?
  • How much do you care about your physical body?
  • Do you regularly drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, and do you think it is helping your overall health or not?
  • Do you eat in a respectful and healthy way?
  • When was the last time you really went deep inside yourself and felt everything that is going on?
A great looking body and a nice radiance reveals most about our inner body “thought and emotional balance”.

My inner world changed with patience and radical activism!

For instance, I myself had a very bad body shape for a very long period of my life, and a lot of unneeded fat and unhealthy eating behaviors most of my life. However, just recently, it was possible for me to switch out some of the deeper unhealthy programs and behaviors for more friendly and positive behaviors for myself and my environment. For the very first time in my life, I balanced out my body, mind, and soul to a higher level of consciousness. Therefore, I have a lot more energy every day. I am more positive and happier than ever before. Besides the health side of my body, true friendships arise. Also, a stronger partnership with my wife is the result of my inner world developments and several other bigger changes. For that, I really took a lot of my time to transform my life. This is not a 20-minutes-per-day job, this is a full time job for 2-3 years and more! Radical activism and self-discipline are the only way to go into a deep inner flow and feel daily momentum for everything that is. At the same time, this also means letting go and being patient. When we try to manifest with our willpower what does not originate from our being, a huge field of tension arises which is noticeable for us. The full-time job over years or lifetimes requires both an active phase of realization and a more passive phase of letting go.
  • What changes do you pursue this year or in the near future?
  • How did you build up self-esteem over the years?
  • How were you able to transform your life already?

Bonus: An Authentic Method

My Favorite System: Discover Your Strengths, Weaknesses and the Higher Purpose of Life

Gene Keys is a magical system, not a mechanical system. A path to the open countryside, which can be performed online. I highly recommend you to read my new Gene Keys articleMy Deep Inner Exploration for You + Amazing Tools That system, mentioned above, massively increased the quality of life for me, healed my soul parts massively, and also helped me feel more and more gratitude from the earth, because the earth heals itself sustainably through our THINKING, FEELING, and DOING! Comment below about your story! I am happy to read it.
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A Life Beyond Duality and The End of All Suffering.

This article is also available in: German

Our universe is considered dualistic as we experience left and right or negative and positive. But in my honest opinion, we are far from imprisoned in our universe’s duality and are closer to see beyond duality. Attention! On another level of dimension,

we are multidimensional beings and we are able to go beyond the duality of our universe.

This read…

  • helps you remember your true being.
  • empowers you to stop having to experience all the “pain and suffering”.

The End of Suffering

One of the illusions of our collective belief system:

We have to experience the pain, the suffering, and the darkness so we can experience the joy, the happiness, and the light.

As a collective consciousness, we believe that to be an absolute truth, because this is how our universe functions, or?

“There are ups and downs in life.”

“Sometimes we are healthy and other times we suffer.”

Our limited mind tries to understand that, and this is why the mind construct of our consciousness is divided into good and bad or healthy and ill or science and religion. However, at another level of dimension beyond our duality, there is no science and religion, because only pure consciousness or love exists.

Express your pure consciousness and no more attachments can exist.

Are We Able to Express Our Pure Consciousness Beyond Duality?

express our pure consciousness

We express our beyond duality every second of life. We just never noticed it because our frequency and awareness are too restricted for the state of beyond duality.

For example: We watch TV— A race of Formula One.

What can we be certain of?

First of all, we know it is the same reality. The race ends on the TV screen exactly like it does when watching live from the race circuit.

However, there is a slight but important difference. Our TV can’t transport the same sound quality of the Formula One cars or the feeling and atmosphere of the live crowd. This is only possible at the race track. Why is that?

The TV screen is a projection of our past and it would never be fully possible to experience the same sensations. The result was already known shortly before and our technical progress has not yet allowed us to be more “LIVE”. 

Now, what do we humans do the most times per day?

  • checking smartphones
  • watching TV
  • playing computer games
  • working daily

All the times we’ve spent by watching another screen, we are in an alternative reality that is far away from our true reality, because as explained before, it is already the past. Of course this is only the case when we act unconsciously and are far away from our creative work. 

Pure consciousness can only be experienced in the present moment.

Let us go a step further. Probably, you have heard about the virtual reality simulations and games starting to pop up. These VR simulations make you believe you are really in the game, like in real life. We create these games to have more fun. Right now, the quality of these VR games is still very low, but in the near future, it will come closer to our reality.

Computer games are the best example of how quickly the graphic technology develops.

virtual reality development after 20 years_Fotor

Only 20 years ago, it was super easy to differentiate computer games from our reality, but today, it is very close to our reality. Playing a Formula One computer game or watching the live race is not as big of a difference anymore.

Our technology development is faster than ever before in our recent history, and we will experience the first quantum computers soon.

You might be surprised by the next chapter if you have not read and philosophized about this topic.

Do We as Humans Already Live in a Virtual Reality?

do we live in a virtual reality

That we already live in a virtual reality right now is realistic—an ultra HD virtual reality created by our own higher existence to experience ourselves in another dimension with different sets of rules beyond our duality.

This is not science fiction nor a joke. This is also not science nor religion.

It is just common sense.

Tom Campbell, a nuclear physicist and famous expert on consciousness, wrote about the possibility that we live in a virtual reality in his book **, “My Big TOE” **. At the same time, be very careful, because that does not make this “virtual reality” less real.

Everything we know from these alternative realities is funny, and we cannot be certain about a reality we did not experience ourselves yet.

For that reason alone, do not consider what I am writing as an ultimate truth, because we all live our own truth. We can never fully understand the motives behind another person because we are not that person.

We can only empathize closely because our inner mind/ego world differs way too much.

Another example:

A bacterium is so small that it simply cannot comprehend all of a human’s reality.

So, we as humans cannot comprehend a reality that is far beyond our capabilities. However, our capabilities are far greater than we could ever think of right now.

What can we take away from all of the above about Beyond Duality?

  • Wouldn’t our life be much easier after we know that all the suffering and pain is an illusion?
  • By releasing all fears of the past and future, wouldn’t our life be much easier?
  • By stopping to overthink everything, wouldn’t our life be much easier?

We have to re-engineer what we believe is true and wrong OR NOT!

Our scientific research and our religion cannot 100% satisfy all of us humans.

We cannot fully trust science, because of our current worldwide system of capitalism. We also cannot fully trust religion, because it is not what it was meant to be. 

Therefore, we can only trust our own experiences of reality.

We can only experience our own reality beyond duality and should not blindly believe others.

I implement the following as much as possible in my daily life.

“Need nothing, wish everything, choose what shows up.” 

– Neale Donald Walsch

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The Power of Ego Death: 3 Peaceful Ideas

This article is also available in: (German)
We all love to hide our true feelings towards our physical death and therefore also our ego death. At some point in our life and time, our physical body is not supporting us anymore to achieve our upcoming goals, so why should we continue at that time? Well, today, I do not want to philosophize about our final death. This article is about the possibility of our ego death within our current form. What does the internet say about the ego death? Wikipedia writes the following: “The ego death is a complete loss of subjective self-identity.” Therefore, after the death of ego, true objectiveness is seems a possibility. The great philosopher and spiritual teacher Eckart Tolle quotes about the ego: “The most common ego identifications have to do with possessions. The work you do, social status and recognition, knowledge and education, physical appearance, special abilities, relationships, person and family history. Also belief systems, and often nationalistic, racial, religious, and other collective identifications. None of these is you.”  – Eckart Tolle So, most individuums do not live the truth beyond their mind constructions, and therefore, the only certainty that exists if an individuum has not remembered his true being is a subjective reality.

What is the Intention and Illusion of Our Ego-Construct?

illusion of ego Our ego-construct wants to stay alive as long as possible. Our physical mind is a great mechanism, if understood correctly, and at the same time, we still have a lot of outdated subconscious programs running. For example, the fear of getting killed by a wild animal. To an extent, it helps us to survive because of the stress released to push our bodies beyond our limits, and to another extent, it hurts us because, in harmless situations, we release exactly the same stress. This means that a lot of our inherited subconscious programs and experiences from very early times in our development as an individuum helped us out in the survival process tens of thousands of years ago. But today in our digital world, we funnily enough still act like we did tens of thousands of years ago. subconscious For instance, meeting strangers can be considered a danger by our internal system. Also, a common challenge is the fear of animals that can release the same level of stress as the frightening animals tens of thousands of years ago. We humans are just afraid of stress. It is as simple as that.

What can we all do?

First of all, we have to accept that we have our ego-construct and that we are led by fear and inner fights before we are able to transcend our ego into a more stable characteristic environment. The objective truth is that releasing our fear of ego death plays the biggest role in a peaceful inner world. Therefore, it is essential for a higher state of frequency and consciousness to transcend the ego-construct and release all limited beliefs.

Can We Transcend to an Ego-Free Environment?

transcend beyond ego What is our current status quo? Our ego loves to talk, and for most humans, something like this is deeply imprinted in our DNA: “You have to survive, because you cannot be certain that there is a reality beyond your current life.” Therefore, we feel forced to do horrible things to ourselves, just to survive a little bit longer. After we die, our ego-construct also dies, and that is the biggest fear of our ego. From a survival point of view, our society reflects that behavior. So, in my opinion:
“As humans, we still need time to fully grow beyond our outdated ego-construct.”
Also, masters of life say that personal goals are always a part of the ego and we all have personal, financial, or business goals. That is one of the reasons we would never fully leave the ego circle. Luckily, today, we see more and more individuals that are aware and care about a purpose beyond their individual life purpose. In the first place, this is a collective purpose for the well-being of our planet Earth and humanity. However, does that illustrate that soon we are free from our ego behaviors?
“The moment you become aware of your ego, it is strictly speaking no longer the ego, but just an old, conditioned mind-pattern. Ego implies unawareness. Awareness and ego cannot coexist.” – Eckart Tolle
Awareness seems the key for the process beyond our ego-construct, and our current frequency of fear holds us back from experiencing a reality beyond.

3 Peaceful Ideas of Ego Death

3 peaceful ideas

First idea: Do not pursue the ego death.

In our society, it seems like a lot of people pursue the death of their ego. Even more common is that people are sure that they are freed from their ego.
As long as we think our ego really exists, we will never be able to fully transcend ourselves.

Second idea: Nothing exists as it seems.

We are easy to believe that we only live in one reality and that is our current life with our physical body. We limit ourselves to stay inside the box of our physical body, because anything beyond that box could be dangerous, even kill us. However more and more people are experiencing out-of-body experiences, sudden enlightenment, or near-death experiences. We also should be open to the possibility of alternative realities. A dream is one alternative reality, for example. Yet, in our materialist world, we are still so easy to convince the opposite. Our ego is an impressive brainwasher, and because we only see the worlds past, it is almost impossible to believe in the invisible.

Third idea: Become friends with the ego.

A very good idea is to become friends with your ego. In other words, the goal is that you understand the motives of your ego, and later on, you have the free will to act from an ego perspective or not. We cannot always consider the ego to be the devil in our “mind” universe, because when we start to do so, there is no way to jump out of the illusion.

Boni: An authentic method to find “ego peace” Discover Your Strengths, Weaknesses and the Higher Purpose of Life

Gene Keys is a magical system, not a mechanical system. A path to the open countryside, which can be performed online. I highly recommend you to read my new Gene Keys articleMy Deep Inner Exploration for You + Amazing Tools That system, mentioned above, massively increased the quality of life for me, healed my soul parts massively, and also helped me feel more and more gratitude from the earth, because the earth heals itself sustainably through our THINKING, FEELING, and DOING! So, what can we really do at the end? We can be thankful, authentic and enjoy our journeys.
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How to Accept Yourself: 3 Incredible Strategies!

This article is also available in:  German The growing diagnosis of anorexia nervosa (eating disorders) in our society is incredible. Roughly 90 percent are women between 12 and 25 years of age. This is a great example of the illusion of needing acceptance. Especially through the beauty industry the image of the beautiful woman is completely controlled by fear. Individuals that have an eating disorder could think: “My body is way too thick,” “I do not feel comfortable in my own body,” or “For sure, others think that I am fat.” As an illustration, these thoughts and sensations are the backbones for these irrational eating behaviors. How can we accept ourself and let go irrational behaviors? I found 3 incredible strategies that helped me, and a lot of others, to avoid long-term irrational behaviors. These are bulletproof strategies when implemented correctly in daily life.

First Strategy – A Survey with Close Friends and Family

survey with close friends and family This is really simple and, at the same time, very challenging. Just ask your close friends and family to share details about you! Also, be honest with them and tell them the motive behind your intimate/personal survey.

Ideas for your survey.

The best idea is to call your friends and family and explain it to them personally. Writing in WhatsApp or chat is okay; however, this is not challenging, and misunderstandings can happen quite a lot. Your life is the most important thing to you, isn’t it? Therefore, value the lives of others and make the survey as personal as possible! Think about something honest. For instance, a story about “how I did not accept myself.” This is always fitting and emphasizes the fact that your close friends and family can help you out in your own personal growth. One example/topic: Hey, I came up with a strategy to be more confident about myself and accept myself. Maybe we never talked about this before (if that is the case). For a long time, I’ve really had problems going out to parties because I feel I am not worthy of having a girlfriend/boyfriend, and at the same time, I do not want to fail at talking to a nice girl/boy and be hurt. For that reason, I developed a short survey to find out what others like about me, because I have a hard time finding/reflecting a strength that helps me to be more confident in this topic. It would be a great help, if you have 5 minutes, to do the survey. Tip: Also, ask them to do it directly on the phone, when there is time, or meet up together, because you learn a lot more. Basically anything can be a topic:
  • Not accepting your own physical body.
  • Not accepting your way of learning.
  • Having a hard time outside when talking to strangers.

Ideas for the survey questions.

(Fit in your name in all the questions below.)
  • List at least 3 different things you like about the person.
  • In which 2 situations did the person help you the most?
  • List at least 2 physical characteristics you like about the person.
  • List at least 2 mental characteristics you like about the person.
Very important: Add at least 4 more individual questions to the list on your own. Why is this strategy helpful for your self-acceptance? First of all, you move outside of your comfort zone. Especially individuals that lack some sort of self-acceptance or self-love have an incredibly hard time even talking about this. 
“Have the courage and open yourself to the unknown, because only then will the universe open up all the possibilities you yearn for!”

Second Strategy – Find Everything you Love about Yourself

find something you like or love about yourself When you start to focus on the fact that you do not accept yourself, it is almost impossible to get out of that negative spiral. First of all, you have to be aware enough to also see the good inside and that it is only your decision when you want to end the negative spiral.
A good starting point to accept yourself more is to find everything about yourself that you like or love.
Create a list with 5-10 things you like and 2-3 things you love about yourself. It’s important that this can be anything for you to imagine (body, soft skills, hard skills, mental skills). For example:
  • 1. I love my voice.
  • 2. I like my eye color.
  • 3. I like my job.
  • 4. I like my big toes.
  • 5. I love my hair.
  • 6. I am a good listener.
  • 7. I am a good teacher.
  • 8. I am a peaceful person.
  • 9. I love to read books.
Is it hard to find something for you? A good approach is to start with the first strategy to do a survey with friends and family. This way, it is much easier for you to accept and find something you also agree with. Another good strategy is to let go and continue to think about what you really like/love about yourself.

Third Strategy – Loosen up Your Weaknesses

weakness Maybe you read the header “Loosen up your weaknesses!” and you think: Let me explain in detail why your weaknesses are as important as your strengths. For example, it could be one of your strengths that you are very open-minded, and so it is easy for you to make decisions in your life. A open-minded decision could be to go on a spontaneous trip to South Africa. But why do you really think about a trip in the first place? Is it really beneficial to travel now? This depends on your circumstances. For example, one of your weakness is that you have a hard time mastering something new. For instance, reaching native level in a new language or learning to be an extraordinary investor. You have the following challenge: you always feel unhappy in the middle of the procedure when you start to be okay at the new language or you get good at investing. Why is it important to know your weakness (difficulty mastering something)? It is crucial to loosen up your weakness because it is connected to your strengths (open-mindedness and easy decision making). Knowing this, you have the freedom to act accordingly because this unhappiness above (not reaching the master level quick enough) activates your strengths. It might be that your thoughts and ideas of the spontaneous trip to South Africa came up in your mind because you reached a certain level of your weakness, in this case mastering a new language.

The strong and proud act of illusion.

“Yes, let’s go on a spontaneous trip to South Africa! I earned it” south africa blog 4 At that moment, it seems so positive to act open-mindedly, but if you only do the trip to escape from your true goals, it messes everything up. However, only knowing and focusing on the weakness is not enough. You have to transform your weakness into another strength by re-programming your subconscious mind. Slowly but steadily, you integrate another strength, or first, you neutralize your weakness. Strengths and weaknesses are very close to each other! So, only focusing on your strengths and hiding your weaknesses can quickly imbalance your system.
Knowing both your strengths and weaknesses is essential.
Therefore, a very good strategy is to write everything you know about your strengths and weaknesses down. By doing so, it is a lot easier to accept yourself.
“Every shadow contains a gift!”
– Richard Rudd – Gene Keys **

My Favorite System: Discover Your Strengths, Weaknesses and the Higher Purpose of Life

Gene Keys is a magical system, not a mechanical system. A path to the open countryside, which can be performed online. I highly recommend you to read my new Gene Keys articleMy Deep Inner Exploration for You + Amazing Tools That Gene Keys system, mentioned above, massively increased the quality of life for me, discovering my weaknesses and strengths on a whole new level massively, and also helped me to feel more and more gratitude from earth, because our earth heals itself sustainably through our THINKING, FEELING, and DOING!

Bonus Strategy – How to Accept Yourself?

In my main article (Complete Self-Love Blueprint) are a lot of detailed methods to remember/learn that help to immensely improve your self-acceptance.

The Implementation

That you do all the strategies above is only the first step towards self-acceptance, because you have to implement it in your neural network as a daily habit. The key: commit thirty to sixty days for one habit. To be able to do so, make it simple, remind yourself, stay consistent, and run it as an experiment. Lifehack also writes in detail about 18 easy tricks to make new habits stick! I can recommend reading it.
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What Is Thinking and How Do You Improve Your Thoughts?

This article is also available in: 🇩🇪Deutsch (German)

We humans all think, but what is thinking?

First of all, thinking is a state of awareness all of us humans have. Animals, for example, do not have that state of self-observation we do. Because of that, we humans have the capability to express multiple personalities.

One personality might be the one you express when you meet your parents. Another one might be for when you meet your best friend and another one is for when you do business with strangers.

What is Thinking in a Scientific Approach?

what is thinking in a scientific approach

Thinking is a form of energy that cannot be felt or touched. Therefore, it is almost impossible for us to detect in a scientific approach.

What is crazy: every day around 60,000 thoughts pass by and most of the thoughts are subconscious (invisible to us); only some are conscious (visible to us).

Also, thoughts are the experiences in life itself, like a transmitter to communicate our well-being between us humans. Thoughts are a lot of our unprocessed experiences, and most humans have them in unlimited quantities, because they did not work on their level of mental, emotional and physical processing of individual and collective experiences yet.

In science, it is possible to measure thoughts by brain activity. In response to the question of how thoughts are measured, MIT School of Engineering has written the following:

“By watching one neuron at a time, or by looking at how millions of them are talking to each other…”

In which ways do we use our thoughts most of the time?

  • Analytical behaviors (mathematical calculations)
  • Forecasting your future (what you want to happen, what might happen)
  • Talking about your past (what happened, things you liked and did not like)

Summarized mostly to form opinions, compare in duality and to draw logical conclusions.

All of it matters every second, because your thoughts and emotions shape your reality more than anything else.

However, not only your thoughts shape your reality. For sure, your actions shape your reality a lot. Therefore, thoughts are attracted in alignment with your hidden feelings and behaviors.

Friend or Fiend?

For instance, having a fight with your friend or partner can mess up your whole day, and at the same time, you could observe it as an opportunity to grow.

Depending on our attitude and identification with thoughts, we react strongly to our environment, withdrawing or keeping a calm and harmonious overview. 

What happens to you: are you self-motivated or do you struggle with the situation?

Your way of thinking shows the level of friendship towards yourself, or in other words, your state of self-love.

First: Do you hate your own friendship?

Second: Do you love your own friendship?

Third: Do you have an extraordinary friendship?

An Intelligent Approach to Profit Efficiently from Thoughts

Most humans’ thoughts flow inefficiently, but for masters of life, thoughts flow efficiently.

For masters, it is almost impossible to leave the present. Even in the most extreme situations, masters stay calm and they instantly process the unprocessed experiences, because they know how to handle them.

This is crucial, because masters of life attract thoughts with unlimited accuracy! In one moment, they think about business or work, and in another moment, it is simple to switch to their being level (flow).

After you’ve mastered your thoughts, it is simple to switch your emotions and your sensations from good to bad or bad to good, depending on what you want to experience.

So, in my honest opinion, an intelligent approach is to only use thoughts for analytical behaviors, like mathematics and calculations, and for general communication to observe and analyze yourself.

When we step out of duality, it is easier for us to keep an overview. Getting out of the duality of thoughts means getting out of opinions and comparison with other people and situations and entering into an objective far-sightedness. 

In most cases, at least 95% of our thoughts are redundant, because we think about our past and future and possible outcomes! At the same time, we also think about how we feel in our bodies, and how we’d like our achievements in life.

And exactly the same way, we think about why we have to restrict ourselves in the way we do. So, most times, we think about something that is not in our heart’s duty, and we continue to let our thoughts rule us. What a pity.

How can We Improve Our Thoughts?

How can you improve your thoughts

By pure intent. You have to forgive your past and future before you have the capability to attract creative thoughts or manifest original thoughts.

There is a secret in this unique contemplation path; the power of your own free will and the power of your soul are both powers to release your own identity.

You have to observe your darkest times in history with a distance flavor to be able to fully release all of your fears.

The Power to Release Your Identity

It is an art of life to release your own identity, beyond your name. There is another “you,” and that is your true self. It is a truth that is deeply hidden within you. The truth of freedom and true love.

We all play a game to remember our truth. At the same time, we all value our experiences differently.

Most importantly, what do your thoughts express?

Inner excellence/peace or inner fights?

Tip: Observe your thoughts every day and write down the thoughts you do not want to have in your present and future. Also write down the thoughts that appear in your mental plane, which will make you peaceful and bring you harmony.

Especially check out which thoughts come from your past.

As told in my other articles, meditation practices are one of the most efficient ways to learn the observation of thoughts.

You can learn more methods in my complete self-love blueprint.

An Ending Story: Maria’s Thoughts and the Family Party

Maria’s thoughts and the family party

Going home for a family party, Maria packs all of her clothes. She is invited to her nephew’s birthday at their family’s village about 250 miles away. Quickly, she starts to think about the party:

Did I buy the right present for him? How will the party look like? Will I have trouble with my mother again? Will I miss my train again? How do I approach my brother’s health situation?

Even before anything has happened, Maria already starts to think about all kinds of future predictions.

Fears of the future are an unnecessary and troublesome behavior that most of us humans identify with.

Three hours later, Maria is at the party and she is meeting up with her family. Everything is going great so far, and Maria has nice talks. Later on, it is dinner time, and after having an extraordinary buffet with a great variety of local food, beers, and wines, it is time for the common small talk at birthdays.

Peter, Maria’s dad, talks about last week’s horrific time in the village.

“Hey, Michael, this week it was figured out that another two of our village have cancer; this is so sad.”

The nephew, Michael, answers, “Yeah, that is really a pity. We can only hope to stay healthy ourselves.”

I do not want to outrageously expand on this story, because you all know where it ends.

For sure, it ends with more specific talks about illness and discussions of other people’s lives in the village.

The Invisible Poison

Why is it poisonous to talk about other people’s illness or discuss people’s lives?

Because it is an excellent strategy to be imprisoned by your past.

Are you still in this mindset and environment?

If your honest answer is yes: really ask yourself, for whom is this beneficial?

  • your ego?
  • maybe your dreams?
  • or your true heart?

I bet I know your answer. Join a journey to the inner heart! 

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